Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dean and Deluca

Tried Dean and Deluca at Central on a weekday. The queue is insane on weekends. Though I must say that the food is very underwhelming and I was not impressed at all by my bagel cos it was hard and dry and the cream cheese was spread so thinly that I could hardly taste it. The scrambled eggs were a bit too runny but tasted creamy enough.

The pancakes fared much better.
I definitely wont be queuing here. I'm feeling that the local food has been very uninspiring lately and it's extremely expensive for something u could easily make at home. Oh well.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A rather new restaurant by the founders of old Chang kee - relive yesteryear with those tin plates, marble tables, tiffin carriers, cheong sams and old style music at Currytimes.

I had the lunch set ($8.90 nett) which was their signature chicken and potato curry, choice of prata or bread or rice, side dish of the day and drink. The curry is supposed to be very wholesome and indeed it was so thick and rich it's hard not to believe that no coconut milk was used. Though the curry was not bad, the prata was an immense disappointment and simply unsatisfactory. Chap Chye was bleagh.
Fortunately, I had foresight that it would be inadequate to fill my growling stomach and ordered their signature curry bun ($1.50) whih was spectacular! Think old Chang kee curry puff filling in a soft fluffy toasted bun. Salivating as I type this...
Btw I was so famished I also ordered the Chendol ($3.90) which was another disappointment. Thin stringy Chendol and clumpy coconut milk. The attap chee was one of the best quality ones I've eaten - translucent fat and juicy. Mmmm!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Best Apple chips

I'm studying for my exams now and I've just found a great snack to munch while ploughing through Catherine parchment smith.

Apple chips from Taste matters ( superbly thin and crunchy -those store bought ones really can't compare. Tastes like real apples and great for snacking on. Best of all there's no added sugar. $16.80 for 6 small packs. Go to their website and make an order -free delivery with $30 and above.
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