Monday, July 30, 2007

Forture Seafood Steam Boat - Tze Char 2

Finally went to try the salted egg crab at forture. It's quite god - a 1.3kg crab for $43, and the salted egg is cream, salty and forms a crispy coating on the shell. However, the crab wasn't fantastically fresh - it was packed full of meat, but then some of the meat stuck to the shell (especially the legs) - but the body was mostly fine.
I think this will be my second most favourite way of cooking crab - the first being a white pepper crab, then salted egg crab, then chilli crab, then butter crab, then black pepper crab.

The pincers are super big - and the crab is quite clean btw, it's not black black and it's quite well scrubbed.We also tried the fish sliced bee hoon (yu pian mian fen) which sucks big time - the emulsion of oil and water didn't form properly and there was so much oil on top. yuck. the sheng mian is so much better...TThe soup is also quite bland - go eat the Holland V XO one if you're dying for this.
The Beancurd with hot plate is filled with blachan (prawn paste) and you can only taste blachan. So unless you like blachan, don't order this. Actually, they have this quite interesting dish on the menu - it's chicken wings with prawn paste - looks much better than the tie ban tofu.

Forture Seafood Restaurant

887 Bukit Timah Road (Somewhere between 6th Ave and and Tan Chong Motors

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Space @ My Humble House

Tried Space @ My Humble House, which is the cheaper version of My Humble House. They're located side by side, but while My Humble House is a restaurant, Space a cheaper version (think Coffee Club and tcc but with chinese food). The menu is pretty small - and it's normal hawker food with a twist.

I tried the B. K. Tea (Bak Kut Teh), which is made from NZ lamb chops. Actually, I don't like Bak Kut Teh cos it's from pork and I dont like pork soup, but since this was made from lamb, I just had to give it a try.

It's $14 (before taxes) and it comes with vegatable and a bowl of rice garnished with fried garlic and spring onion.

There's alot of soup ( I think it's about 3 to 4 bowls), and the presentation is very unique cos the soup is in a teapot and you can just pour it out.
The soup is tasty, not too salty or herbal, and it hardly has a lamb smell and comes with bean curd skin, 2 lamb chops and one mushroom.

"Warm The Heart" is claypot jasmine rice, with crab and shrimp, in consomme (description in the menu). The soup is very thick and robust, not salty and there's lots of crabmeat and prawn. It's actually like porridge, and it's $12.

This dish is called 'Light as Air' (dunno why) and it's like Yu Pian Mian Fen, with the thick bee hoon. I didn't get to try this but I took a picture. It's $12 and there's lots of fish.We also tried the half chicken for $14. They also serve chicken rice, and it's $9.90 for one person, and $28 for the whole chicken. The chicken was very tender, not the best that i've tasted but better than average.The menu is very small and I suppose it keeps the cost lower, but the service is excellent. The people seated next to us wanted a bigger selection (appetisers in particular), so the manager brought the menu from My Humble House for them.

It's a good chance from Ichiban Boshi (where I usually eat when I go to esplanade) and isn't so far like Thai Express or the other Colours by the Bay Restaurants. I'm not sure how often they change their menu but if they have another one the next time I drop by, I'll probably go and try it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Peanut Ice Kachang

This is no ordinary ice kachang - it's not normal ice kachang with crushed peanut.
It's peanut sauce and milk and crushed peanuts. The peanut sauce looks like peanut butter at first, but its actually not so viscous - it's like molten peanut butter, and the consistency is like condensed milk. It's not as creamy and buttery as peanut butter either - actually, it's like peanut flavoured condensed milk... It's really nice with the evaporated milk inside, and sweet peanut butter outside, and at the bottom, there's the usualy ice kachang stuff (jelly, attap chee, chin chow jelly, red bean and nata de coco). Even better, since its not multicoloured, you won't get this swampy green-grey mix after everything melts. I supposed you get something like a peanut milkshake when everything melts.
Peanut Ice Kachang
$2.20 from NUH Kopitiam Dessert Store

You also can get Peanut Ice Kachang with corn for the same price I think

Monday, July 23, 2007

Ming Kee Seafood Restaurant

Went to this seafood restaurant along Macpherson Road (super far from my house). It's quite ulu and I'm sure I'll get lost if I have to go there again. Since we didn't know what to order, we ordered the recommendations the waitress made:
We tried the house speciality - home made bean curd with mushrooms and brocolli ($12). I liked the bean curd cos it's smooth and milky.
This is the pork ribs in some special sauce (which I have forgotten what) its quite fatty, but it's boneless (at least, I got a piece without the bone) and it's more sweet than salty.
The highlight was the crab bee hoon - the crab was about 1.3kg and it costs $53 for the dish. The crab actually looked very big and the pincers were huge.That's the pincer on a normal sized restaurant plate - super huge
The bee hoon was very tasty - it was infused with the crab taste - I think they use the top part of the crab shell for the bee hoon and it's very fragrant too.
The crab was fully packed with meat, and it was fresh and flaky and didn't stick to the shell at all.The next dish was this shellfish called 'Bai Yu' (literally white jade) which sucked. It's this weird chewy and salty seed shaped thing.Looks like a germinating jackfruit sead - same size too. Its fantastically chewy and when you bit down, salty shellfish juice will spurt out. And it's like bubble gum cos you must chew and chew and chew.The good part was that it didn't stick to the shell so all we did was shake it out of the shell. Looks like a sea of cannon bombs.
Mini man tou for dipping into the sauce.
This is some vegetable thing with three kinds of egg. The ohrnee was super oily and they use vegetable oil not lard. It's actually spring onion oil and it's quite fragrant. The ohrnee was super ex - $22 for a medium bowl (served about 7 ppl).
I suppose it's not the best place I've tried, but slightly above average, especially since I liked the tofu and the crab bee hoon (which wasn't too expensive for restaurant standard)
Ming Kee Seafood Restaurant
556 Macpherson Road
Singapore 369231
Tel: 67474075

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Milk Plum

My favourite plum from comes from Umeya - it's actually not milk on the outside, but icing sugar - and it's powdery and white like milk.
Usually, there's so many types of plums and it's so confusing to choose from - so after finding the milk plum, I just stick to eat and not buy anything else (but I like trying other plums for fun). Milk plum has a nice golden-ish center, and it has a seed (doesn't come in seedless form). It's sweet when you first taste it (cos of the sugar outside), then a bit sourish and then sweet again. It doesn't have the very overpoweringly strong plum smell, and doesn't leave an after taste.
Milk Plum can be bought from Umeya, which has outlets at Parkway, Taka Food Hall and spme other places like Junction 8 i think?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Food Thoughts

Here's some of the food I've eaten recently:
Spelt bread with rosemary baked by my sister - hope she bakes more cos I like bread!Some eggplant thing with youghurt on a baguette tt my sister baked too. It's some no-knead bread recipe that she found. recently, I read somewhere that Vogue magazine had a no-knead bread recipe recently (but I didn't see it) - cant imagine all the women with long long nails (how impractical - cannot percuss) kneading and getting dough under the nail beds. Soon Kueh from Alexander village. It's actually at a coffeeshop near Alexander Village, and it's coffeeshop and not an air-coned stall. The coffeeshop one tastes better i think.
Ang Ku Kueh from the same stall. They've got lots of other flavours like yam, mango, coconut and dunno what else.Creme Brulee from Fullerton
Cheese Cake from xinxin! It's nice creamy and milky and it has a chocolate base. If you want to buy a home baked cheesecake from her, you can contact her... um... through this website haha

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fre(n)sh - Best hot chocolate in Spore?

We went to Vivocity to visit Pamela who was waitressing at Fren(s)h, and also for the food (for me).On Pamela's recommendation, I decided to try the hot chocolate. I don't usually take hot drinks, but then it was raining so i decided to make it an exception since she said that a customer told them that she hasn't been able to find such chocolate outside Italy.
It's really the best hot chocolate I've tried in Singapore, coming really really close to Australia's Koko black hot chocolate. Btw, Koko Black in Australia serves wonderfully awsome chocolate drinks and desserts. And this comes really close.
Forget going to Couderoy for hot chocolate - this one beats it hands down.
Chocolate lovers should really go and give it a try - you won't regret.

I also tried this new thing called Fromage Blanc, which is the first time I've seen it in Singapore. Dunno anywhere else that serves it. It's cream cheese with a jam base. The cream cheese is quite viscous - it's not runny but it's not solid either. Maybe it's like plasma? The fig jam is nice and chunky, and it's sweet and complements the cream cheese very well. It's a very authentic French dessert too.Of course, I also koped Fish's creme brulee which was delicious (as I said last time). It's served cold (not hot like other places) which I like. Sweet Cold Things are a great way to end off a delicious meal.
For my mains, I tried the Fren(s)h chicken tartine. It's minced chicken and potatoes. You can get either the mustard base which isn't very popular with the locals cos it's very strong and tastes like wasabi, or mayonnaise. I tried the mustard one but then I regretted my over-adventurous spur of the moment decision. Next time i'll stick with the duck or the goat cheese (which btw is also fantastic). They also have foie gras sandwich but it's more ex.Btw fish hates lettuce. The salad is lettuce only but the dressing is nice and sourish and with sweet rasins. But I like the salad.
This is the quiche - today was tuna quiche - the whole base is tuna so you'll be sure to get some tuna chunks in every mouthful. (Totally way higher than Delifrance where there's one morsel of ham in the whole mattress of egg/cheese mixture :P)

I'm getting hungry looking at all these food...

#01-163 Vivocity
Lunch Sandwich set with drink and desssert costs $15 nett
Lunch set with drink costs $10 nett

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

'Normal' Ice Jelly

Why is Fish disgruntled?Well, it's cos of this:

This is not cheng-teng.

It's actually 'Normal' Ice Jelly.

Here's the story : We went to the NUH staff canteen to eat, and since it was so hot we ate desset. Fish wanted to eat Ice Jelly Cocktail, and "the stall had so many kinds of Ice Jelly, with guava, strawberry, blueberry, soursop, aloevera bla bla bla" so when the woman asked her what kind of ice jelly she wanted, fish said "normal ice jelly" and then she got really Ice + Jelly instead of the usual Ice Jelly Cocktail.

and when she said she wanted normal ice jelly cocktail and not just jelly and ice, the woman said must add 50 cents for the cocktail -_-"

So here's a warning - Normal Ice Jelly is not Normal Ice Jelly Cocktail and Ice Jelly Cocktail is not Normal Ice Jelly.

Cedele - Lunch

I've finally gotten down to trying Cedele.
We tried the set lunch(es) and I tried a Tofu Chicken burger.
The set lunch is $17.80++ and comes with soup of the day (4 choices- tomato, pumpkin, chicken tarragon, clam chowder), 4 choices for mains and drink.

Chicken tarragon soup - it's quite unique but I prefer cream soups. It's quite robust - the soup is nice and cloudy filled with cooked microscopic chicken, with quite a bit of shredded chicken and lots of tarragon floating about.
Clam chowder was nicer - they used bacon bits to make it even tastier. And it's very creamy.

Grilled salmon and risotto. The risotto is buttery and has the delicious risotto texture - not soggy not overcooked - where else can you find risotto for this price, with a set somemore? and the salmon is not hard and dry - it's juicy and flaky and not too salty.Crab chilli and lime pasta - I didn't quite like this one, maybe cos I hate having lime/lemon in my food. But it's quite a refreshing taste - the zingy lime mixed with the chillies will tickle your tastebuds.Here's my Tofu Chicken Burger. It's $8. V ex.
But there's a nice fat juicy patty - it's not so tough cos there's tofu minced inside - and the bread is crusty and fresh. I think I'll go to Cedele insetead of Coffeebean for sandwiches - though it's costlier, it tastes much better.
And this is my yummy carrot walnut cake - it's moist and spongy - but the best part is the icing! Its a nice thick layer yum!