Monday, July 30, 2007

Forture Seafood Steam Boat - Tze Char 2

Finally went to try the salted egg crab at forture. It's quite god - a 1.3kg crab for $43, and the salted egg is cream, salty and forms a crispy coating on the shell. However, the crab wasn't fantastically fresh - it was packed full of meat, but then some of the meat stuck to the shell (especially the legs) - but the body was mostly fine.
I think this will be my second most favourite way of cooking crab - the first being a white pepper crab, then salted egg crab, then chilli crab, then butter crab, then black pepper crab.

The pincers are super big - and the crab is quite clean btw, it's not black black and it's quite well scrubbed.We also tried the fish sliced bee hoon (yu pian mian fen) which sucks big time - the emulsion of oil and water didn't form properly and there was so much oil on top. yuck. the sheng mian is so much better...TThe soup is also quite bland - go eat the Holland V XO one if you're dying for this.
The Beancurd with hot plate is filled with blachan (prawn paste) and you can only taste blachan. So unless you like blachan, don't order this. Actually, they have this quite interesting dish on the menu - it's chicken wings with prawn paste - looks much better than the tie ban tofu.

Forture Seafood Restaurant

887 Bukit Timah Road (Somewhere between 6th Ave and and Tan Chong Motors

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