Friday, April 25, 2014

St Regis - Brasserie Les Saveurs

 Another outdated post cos I've been busy and MIA-ing - managed to get a Saturday bunch  booking at Brasserie Les Saveurs (thanks to Serene's great foresight in booking super early).

 Super tall chocolate fountain and good variety of dried and fresh fruits to dip in. I'm not a big fan of chocolate fountains cos I think that it works the same way as some of those water based air purifiers - the large surface area of the chocolate fountain is bound to trap dust and dirt so I try not to eat so much of it.

 I'm more of a cheese person than a chocolate person. Especially since they have the Kikorangi cheese, which has to be my favourite blue cheese. If you aren't a fan of the super pungent blue cheese, try this one. It's a New Zealand blue cheese which is much milder in taste. 
The last time I came here I ate so much of it I was very scared that I would get gout the next day (not that I have gout, but I personally think it's one of the worst health problems to get!). See my super huge chunk of cheese.

Couldn't get enough of it so I got seconds and thirds.  I love their pistachios - they're de-shelled and doesn't come with the extra layer of skin. I would totally go back just for the cheeses.
Cold dishes - lots of salads and cured meats.
 I really liked the beetroot salad with cheese. The pau was so so (very unremarkable, can't even remember what's inside now)
 The poached salmon exceeded my expectations, and the roast chicken was so tender and fell off the bone easily.
 I also like the DIY Caesar salad stations - where I can put lots and lots of eggs and extra cheese into my Caesar salad. Caesar salad was the first proper salad that I ever ate and enjoyed (from Coffee Bean) and even the veggie phobic Serene manage to eat her own plate of this. Says a lot, especially if you know Serene.

Brasserie Les Saveurs
29 Tanglin Road Singapore 247911
Phone 6506 6866