Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gogo curry

Gogo curry is this budget friendly fast food curry chain from japan which has recently opened up a stall in ion orchard. Their curry is simple and fuss free with different combinations of deep fried pork cutlet/chicken cutlet/shrimp/sausage/egg placed in top if steaming rice and doused in their signature brown curry sauce. Japanese curry sauce is less spicy and sweeter than the local curries we are generally used to. I like to load my curry with cheese ($1 additional charge) and I like the thinly sliced raw cabbage on the side which reduces the oily feeling of the cutlets and heavy sauce.

Gogo curry
Ion orchard b4
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Insatiable Beard Papa Chocolate Eclair Craving

I've never blogged abt this before but I must now cos I've been having this incredibly mad Beard Papa chocolate eclair craving for the whole freaking week and haven't gotten it out of my system since I haven't had the time to go down to Beard Papa to settle my craving...

The Beard Papa chocolate eclair is probably the next best eclair (which is convenient and extremely affordable) in my food inventory.

I love the thick layer of chocolate which melts instantly in my mouth (and even when I hold the eclair the wrong way). It's a bit like the nice chocolate coating that Magnum ice cream has, but just thicker and melts more easily and tastes better.

And then there's the delicious puff - of course nothing like the wonder of Sadaharu Aoki's eclairs but the puff part of the eclair is just the right texture. It's nice and soft but not wimpy and soggy- and it's just the right balance of firmness to hold in the moist filling.

And the innards just complete the whole lovely eclair. Instead of the usual traditional whipped cream, it's luscious chocolate custard - same texture as the Beard Papa Cream Puffs vanilla custard filling, but it's in chocolate. And not those dark and bitter or overly sweet kind of chocolate - it's just right and goes exactly well with the puff and the outer chocolate layer.

I think this has to be one of the most underrated desserts around! and it's super affordable too I think it's merely $2 or $2.50 for such a divine eclair. I think I could eat 5 of these at one go but the most I've ever eaten is one ;p

The last time I had a mad eclair craving I tried to settle it with an eclair from Polar (which is very extremely convenient for me since there's one at my work place) but it was Dry and Hard and really didn't settle my craving at all. Tragic.

I probably have a shot of the eclair stowed somewhere in my computer but I think once I see a picture of it my craving will be unbearable ++. Hopefully I can scuttle down to Vivo/PS/Bugis soon to get my eclair. I think I will get Two if I do go down. Just to ensure that my Beard Papa Chocolate Eclair Craving doesn't come back so soon...

I have been talking about it so much that now everyone I've spoken to wants to try it and I am making myself really hungry thinking about it.

I'll put a photo of the Eclair up once I'm done eating it...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

District 10 Bistro

District 10 bistro has been opened for quite some time now and I've been wanting to try it for a really long tim - I am very sad I only discovered it after I was posted to the far east and not when I was a stones throw away from it for 4 months! The lighting is rather dim even my S90 couldn't save the photos (so they are edited+++) We had some platter thing (not so sure what this was called but it costs around $28 bucks? or was it $18) which had 3 pieces of everything including duck spring rolls (not particularly yummy or memorable), fried fish (just like fish and chips), fried prawn etc... Ordered this cos we were hungry and were waiting for the rest of the group to come...
The soft shell crab chilli pizza was pretty interesting, though I wasn't crazy over it. Deep fried soft shell crab with a mildly spicy chilli sauce and rocket leaves over a thin crust pizza.
My fave dish of the day (didn't go there with Julie but we ordered the same thing!) was the special Florentine Truffle Pizza (it's not on the menu!) which came with 8 blobs of oily truffle paste. The black goodness went supremely well with the cheese and the al dente pasta. Though the egg in the middle was overcooked and hard, I'm willing to close one eye on this cos the truffle made the pizza taste so lovely. It's a white base pizza so no tomato sauce here!
I think this was a prawn tagliatelle but it wasn't my dish. The sauce was really good - very robust, tasty and tangy - I would definitely order this and the truffle pizza the next time I'm down.
Dessert platter with 4 different types of chocolate dessert (I think it was either $12 or $14 bucks). The chocolate mousse (2nd from the front) is uber delicious - can totally taste all the egg and chocolate and cream they used to make it! Other than that, the profiterole was very unremarkable, and so was the ice cream and brownie...
Overall, district 10 bistro has great ambiance and is a really nice place to chill. Too bad I didn't discover this sooner!! Carpark's not a problem either - $2 per entry or just park along the road (after 7pm cos it's a single yellow line - I think).
District 10 Bistro
10 Winstedt Road (it's the turn after the petrol station on your way toward Newton Circus)
Tel: +65 6738 4788

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tatsuya Sushi Omakase

Sianz I am having major sushi craving especially for another lovely platter of sushi omakase from Tatsuya [which I cannot afford at this point cos I just spent ALOT of money changing my wheels and tyres! But looking at my new tyres (which have little 'hairs' on them cos they are very very new and smelling the fresh rubber makes me v happy every morning before I go to work!! I think it nearly makes me as happy as when I drink my gong cha on the way to work!)]
I think sushi omakase is best eaten at the sushi counter, but since it was a family dinner, we sat on a table for 4. Makes the sushi omakase half as exciting, but the sushi was awsome.
There's sushi with caviar, sushi with goose liver :D, otoro (fatty tuna belly - the best part of the tuna!), aburi (flame grilled) salmon belly, anago (sea eel), cockle (which is so freaking fresh not like those dirty little cockles we get in char kway teow, and nearly as fresh as the cockles I had in Hokkaido!). Gave away my prawn cos I will most definitely get an allergy reaction (mega saddenning raw prawns are so lovely but if I eat it I will most surely not be able to taste anything else!) and a lovely raw tako (octopus) which is fantastic compared to the horrendous rubber tasting cooked ones we usually get.

Sigh need to satisfy my sashimi/sushi/raw food craving soon!! I want to eat more raw octopus, cockles and tuna! And I wanna eat fresh oysters in ponzu sauce... I think I am just hungry and I should go and sleep before I get more wrinkles and turn into an old hag...

Btw, my dining experience at Tatsuya was somewhat marred by this irritating snobbish waitress when I have more time I shall blog about the Kaiseki and her annoying substandard service. But for now, before I sleep I shall think happy sushi thoughts...

Goodwood Park Hotel

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Itacho sushi - scallops &dorsal fins

I'm totally craving for more jap food even though I just ate at Itacho sushi this weekend. The flame grilled dorsal fin is definitely one my faves. And I am missing how the sweet fat fresh and juicy scallop slides down my gullet. Of course being the greedy person I am I chose the jumbo scallop ($3.70) which is always more satisfying. The salmon sushi is rather unremarkable but I really like the grilled salmon which I had the last time ( it was sadly sold out when I went on Sunday)

I'm also missing how the ridiculously long eel looks perched on top of a normal pieces of sushi rice though I'm not too crazy over how sweet it tastes.
Lol I think I am v hungry but the though of food from my 'favorite' canteen just makes me. Un-hungry again...I'm missing the marmalade pantry sticky date pudding too I think can eat it every week and not get sick of it!!
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Marmalade Pantry's sticky date pudding

One of my favourite desserts of all time is marmalade pantry's sticky date pudding. Steaming hot Sticky chewy date pudding which is super sweet and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream drizzles with toffee sauce. The portion of ice cream has shrunk but the sticky date pudding still tastes at good. I still haven't tried boomerang's sticky date pudding which is reportedly even better but since boomerang is out of the way marmalade pantry's sticky date pudding will suffice.
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nakhon Kitchen (Bedok)

Had lunch at Nakhon Thai (which is so far east I won't go there if I'm not nearby.

It's cheap pretty traditional Thai fare. Each dish is less than $10 and theres no service charge. The portions aren't big but for the price and the taste it's well worth the money. They even serve free plain water.

The thai fish cakes ($6 for 4) are nice and fluffy and are prettily presented. The green curry has the fragrant curry leaf smell and it's thick and has lots of coconut cream/milk. They also have the little pea sized eggplants (supposed to be v good for lowering cholesterol according to some sources but don't quote me on this).

The phad Thai is pretty good too at $6 a plate though there were only 2 small prawns in it. At least they were reasonably fresh.

Dessert was mango sticky rice ($4) I liked the creamy coconut sauce. Unlike some Thai places which add too much sugar and water to the coconut cream and thus ending up with a syrupy overly sweetened coconut sauce. Mango was not that sweet but then again it's not in season. The glutinous rice was warm and chewy and tasted like a sweet version of lor mai kai.

Overall it's a nice place though it's better to visit it on a cool day cos it's al fresco. Other similar Thai places I'd recommend are Joe's Thai kitchen near Alexander village and yum yin Thai at sunset way.

Blk 136 Bedok north avenue 3

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Swensens 1-for-1 set lunch

Swensens has a 1-for-1 lunch time promo for all their mains on weekdays between 12 and 2. Had the crayfish pasta (it usually comes with spaghetti) but i changed the pasta to penne (since penne is harder to overcook since I'm v particular about the done-ness of my pasta).
For around 10 bucks nett, the crayfish pasta is satisfying though I'll never pay the full price for it (cos there are better food around for the same price). The crayfish is deep fried so the freshness is questionable but it's a good sized crayfish so it's value for money.
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gong cha

I've recently been very addicted to bubble tea but gong cha is taking my love for bubbletea to a new level. I've taken liking to gui lin gao (herbal jelly) after going to hong kong this year and gong cha has this super fantastic drink which combines fresh milk and their own special herbal jelly with full cream fresh milk(if I am not wrong it's Meiji milk). Theres at least half a cup of their special herbal jelly in each cup of their drink and the jelly cones in pretty large pieces and is so soft it's easily sucked up using the big bubble tea straw. The jelly is very black and very smooth and tastes like a much less bitter and sweetened version of gui lin gao. Of course, being me, I'm very wary and paranoid of getting heavy metal poisoning whenever I take all these herb related thugs but the jelly from gong cha is very delicious. My fave herbal jelly drink comes in milk tea and Earl grey tea versions but I like how the creamy fresh milk goes with the jelly. Who would have thought that the combi of fresh milk and herbal jelly would have gone so well together? Perhaps I'll make my 3rd detour down to gong cha tmr after work to reward myself for working >1mth without a single day off...

Gong cha
Square 2
City square mall
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