Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Annalisan's 21st Birthday - Cafe Brio @ Grand Copthorne

Cafe Brio International buffet at Grand Copthorne, along the Singapore River. We sat alfresco, but then the tents we sat under all had ceiling fans, so it was a very (artificially) cool breezy evening.

The spread was good, with the essentials like oysters, sashimi (tuna, salmon and makerel) and cold prawns (with a good cocktail sauce). They also had fried calamari which was exceptionally good, this really decadant chocolate mousse (which some people said was fantastic, but someone said it tasted like oyster sauce) a chocolate fountain, some international food and drunken prawns. There was also a wanton mee station. The dessert section is quite large, with cakes, burburchacha, bread and butter pudding, caramel custard, 4 types of ice cream including toppings cones and wafers, alot of sushi (which I didn't eat to save space).
Happy 21st Birthday Annalisa, may you stay sane throughout the rest of uni. I'm so full and sleepy and I haven't read up my CVS examination (which I have clean forgotten) and I'm going to die for tutorial tmr :(
Grand Corpthorne Waterfront
Cafe Brio
392 Havelock Road
Tel 62331100

Monday, June 25, 2007

Royce Nutty Bar Chocolate

School starts, my life sucks
No more time to go out gallivanting and eating

I've been reduced to blogging about CHOCOLATE (which, by the way, I don't quite like buying but I'll eat when people offer me) I'm sure that all the ppl who lurrve chocolate is cos they count their calories and hence chocolate is off their list, and then when they eat it it's such a luxury - it's all about association of foods to happy thoughts. Anyway, cos I was loitering around fish, I happily got something to eat too! Yay! Thanks to the chocolate giver - at least I have something to blog about :P
I was eating this before patho (just before the tutor came in - later I'll say what a sad end my chocolate came to. It's Royce (one of my fave brands of chocolate cos it's from Hokkaido and I like the $12 box they sell at Taka Food hall) but this one can't be found in Singapore (I supposed).

I like my chocolate with rice crispies inside - there's this kinder bueno chocolate that has rice crispies and you can't find it in Singapore, but it's really yummy cos it's a layer of white milk sandwiched between milk chocolate, and there's rice crispies inside.

I don't really like nuts though. So this is the best of both worlds, for people who like rice crispies and nuts.

Quote from Fish: I like my chocolate plain and unadulterated (but she'll actually eat anything just as long as you give it to her. And very happily too)

The sad end to my chocolate happened when the patho tutor walked in, gave the tutorial and placed this pot (it's a venous thrombus in the iliac vein btw)from so many eons ago onto my half opened chocolate without realising it - and so I didn't didn't finish it. Sadness:(

Sunday, June 24, 2007


If Michelle gets a cool cake, Jeremy gets a cool (belated) birthday dinner.

There were two choices - one vegeterian and the other carnivore - and we chose carnivore.

Olive bread - nice and soft and can really taste all the olives.
This thing isn't on the menu - it's some Bloody Mary fried thing (some posh name that I couldn't remember) and this slightly alcoholic tomato-ish thing (I would like to call it essence of tomato cos you can't see any tomato but it tastes very tomato-ey) First up on the Tasting Menu for June: Canapes
From Right to Left: Marinated Somen with Farmed Caviar (It's slightly sour and creamy, which complements the salty caviar), Seaweed Cracker with uni (sea urchin, it's quite fresh and can still taste the sea in it and it's not bitter), Foie Gras Creme Caramel.Yummy Caviar. Actually, I think caviar is just like the salmon roe in Jap restaurants - My tastebuds aren't discerning enough to detect the difference.
Saltimbocca of Iberian pork with tarrogon salad and aged balsamic vinegar. The balsamic vinegar is slightly sweet. And the tarrogon salad in particularly interesting (only cos I saw Jamie Oliver on Discovery Travel and Living and he made a tarrogon salad - but tarrogon is so ex here, about $2 plus for a small sprig - how to make a salad??)Green Pea Flan with avruga and Parmesan emulsion. Avruga (as we found out from the waiter) is imitation caviar. I shall now search wikipedia and check what avruga is - it's actually herring roe as opposed to sturgeon roe but I can't taste the difference. I quite liked the parmesan emulsion cos it helped me get the peas down.Looks a bit like frog eggs close up! and super bubbly.Braised Australian Green Lipped Abalone with Truffle Risotto and Shaved Black Truffle. This is the biggest piece of truffle that I have ever been so close to and I've ever seen. So exciting. It's even bigger than my thumb nail, and quite thick too. I guess truffle is an acquired taste - the smell of the truffle is at the back of your nose, and the feeling is like smelling bunsen burner gas (obviously not the same smell though).Sakura ebi cappellini with Konbu and Home Made Scampi Oil. The sakura ebi isn't salty like the local small prawns here, and konbu is kelp. The kelp was slightly salty (I kept thinking of the pereserved vegetables on top of the chee kueh when I was eating this, maybe cos it was brown too?)Charcoal-grilled quail with fresh Beelitz white Asparagus and Rosemary oil. I was quite excited about this dish when I saw the menu cos I've tried white asparagus once (at the line, and it was cream of white asparagus soup). It doesn't taste like the normal asparagus, but has a slightly nutty aftertaste. The quail was nice and tender, with the carcinogenic burn lines from the grill.
Baked Epoisses in Filo Pastry with Mache Salad. Epoisses is a pungent, unpasturised cows milk cheese from this village called Epoisses, in France. (Hmm this is turning out to be a learning journey about food :D) The cheese has a strong smell, and it's very creamy and slightly runny. One of my favourite dishes -Honey Pear Infused with Jasmine Tea, with Chrysenthamum Sorbet. I really liked the Chrysenthamum sorbet - It's very light and I would imagine that this is the best thing to eat on a hot day by the pool (except that I don't like swimming). (This wasn't on the menu)Dessert was a Chocolate Cylinder with French Toast ad Maple syrup Ice cream.
I like how the ice cream is this egg shaped ball - wonder how they do it...

Chocolate fudge cake with molten chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

1 Cuscaden Road
The Regent Singapore
Singapore 249715
Call in for reservation at 67322234

Little Foot Chocolate Cheesecake

I was scouting around for birthday cakes a month back, and chanced upon this website http://www.littlefootpastry.blogspot.com/. So when the occasion arised, I ordered the chocolate cheesecake which looked very interesting.
Little spikes of whipped cream and iceing flowers.It may look unassuming and ordinary from the outside, but of course, if it were so ordinary, I won't be blogging about it :P

It's actually a brilliant design of alternating chocolate sponge cake and cream cheese checks.The chocolate sponge is light and fluffy and very chocolatey, and the cream cheese is really light and delicious. It's not like those heavy, very filling kind of cream cheese, but it's a lighter version. It goes really well with the chocolate sponge, and such a briliant design will amuse your friends.
Here's a larger vies so you can see what it looks like. The above cake was a 7 inch cake (the smallest one) and costs $30 (no GST). I collected it from Serangoon (no delivery).It's baked by this young guy who goes by the name Littlefoot and he came up with this design. There are also other types of cakes, and you can visit his website for more details.

I love looking at food blogs and finding intersting new food to try :D

Hong Lim Complex - Prawn Mee and Ipoh Hor Fun

I enjoy trips to my dentist cos it's located in Chinatown, where there's really good food. Actually, it's located right next to the Hong Lim Food Complex, which, even though is old, dirty and stuffy, has really good hawker food.Reasons for why I'm not very fascinated by the Siglap Prawn Mee is cos I've got Adam Road Prawn/Lobster/Crab Mee a 10 min drive away, and furthermore, the one at Hong Lim Complex is on par with it.This is from Ah Hui Big Prawn Mee, which is located on the 2nd floor of the food complex. The bowls start from $3 and the one shown above is the $4 bowl. It, of course, comes with the delicious chili powder. Usually they fry the lard pieces and mix it with onions, but this time I couldn't find any lard pieces inside, so that was good (though I'm sure it's fried in lard). The soup is very sweet, prawn-ey and salty. I've just been told by my brother that I've been eating at the wrong prawn mee stall for years. The more famous stall is called 'The Old Stall' and it is the prawn mee you should be eating. The prawns are clean, fresh and well done (no grey bits at the tail ends) and for the lard lovers there's quite alot of lard pieces (I threw them all out of the bowl so I can't say if they're crunchy or what).
The soup appears cloudy and tastes creamy (though I'm sure there isn't cream inside) and kind of reminds me of seafood bisque. It's not as salty as the other stall and is more flavourful.

Here's a comparison of the soups - yellow from the Old Stall, and red from the Ah Hui.
Both are located along the same row, on the second storey of Hong Lim Complex.

There's yet another famous stall - which is the Ipoh Hor Fun. During lunch time, the que is super long, and they only open for lunch.
The noodles are fine, soft fresh and glistening, and they give you both prawns and crayfish, and lots of vegetables for a healthy meal.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

SSC 3rd Friday of the Month Buffet - Nothing is What It Seems

Went for a buffet for dinner (courtesy of Meichin :D). The food was very interesting.
There was tandoori chickenAyam penyat with Nasi Kuning (yellow rice)Mutton Green CurryThis is what I had for dinner - super filling (this is my first portion, I had a second round after that) The assam fish curry was exceptionally interesting - not too spicy and very tangy, and lots of eggplants too.
The fish was tasty - not too hard nor soft, but done just right.
Guess what?

Everything here is vegeterian! The fish is so intriguing! It even has a 'skin' which is made of seaweed, and the fibres are so realistic - I bet I can fool even Fish into eating this and thinking that it's a real fish! And there's this taste (which comes from the seaweed) that reminds me of fish.

The tandoori chicken is also very cool! When I first opened the lid of the pot, I seriously thought that it was real meat - they have even imitation chicken skin, with the pattern of chicken skin, so it really looks like chicken.

You also get to grill your own tau hu stuffed with vegetables and your own you tiao on the grill so you'll be able to do it just the way you like it.There's a dessert counter where you can make your own ice kachang -with or without as much redbeans, cream corn, honey sea coconut, longans, jelly, chendol, attapchee, fruit cocktail as you want, and pour on lots of syrup and evaporated milk.

Meichin says that the red beans are the best cos they're chunky and flavourful.Even better than the DIY dessert counter - my yummy cakes

Eggless Chocolate Truffle and Eggless Tiramisu - though I can't tell that there weren't egg (my taste buds aren't so sharp) but they were really good cos they're not too sweet and I especially liked the Chocolate Truffle and the Chocolate Coffeebeans.

This is great especially if you're trying to save your cholesterol quota for savoury things like chilli crab and prawns.My next aim is to try Original Sin at Chip Bee Gardens, Holland V.

Can't wait to go there yay!