Thursday, August 15, 2013

Uma uma ramen

I have finally found a ramen (in Singapore) worthy enough to fill the void that Noodle House Ken has left. This post was prompted by one of my friend's Instagram feed (of the mazesoba ramen) which got me craving it all over again.
Although I do eat ramen for the soup (I like Santoka + pork cheeks, and Nattsutei) , my favourite ramen (from Noodle House Ken) was the cold dry ramen which was their signature yellow noodles marinated in a special sauce, topped with charsiew, corn, bamboo shoots, onions and seaweed. Uma uma ramen does a similar rendition to that, just that it's warm.
 The mazesoba (I have no idea why they call it soba, when it's not soba noodles at all!) Charsiew, soft boiled egg (with oozing yolk!), sliced leeks, bamboo shoots and spring onions. Toss it up and you'll get a delicious mess.

The noodles are very similar to that from Noodle House Ken, springy and fresh, and well coated in their secret sauce. A word of advice - do NOT order it without the charsiew!  I think without the charsiew the magic of the mazesoba would be lost. The char siew has that charred, smokey flavour, and the grilled fats and oils from the pork form an emulsion with the sauce. I think if I  had ordered the normal version (without char siew) it would have been just ordinary. 

And I really don't think it tastes like bak chor mee - bak chor mee has a more porky smell especially with the lard chips plus the noodles aren't as springy and nice as ramen noodles. Oh well, to each his own. 

Shucks, just looking at the picture makes me think of rushing down to Forum to eat it. I think the last time I've been so impressed by any particular food was really long ago.

They have it in starter size and full size (if I'm not wrong it's $18) but I'd definitely go for the full size.
The soup version with the white straight hakata style noodles was a bit more run of the mill, not as impressive and once the mazesoba came out I lost interest in this ramen.

The karaage chicken was impressive (or maybe I was hungry) - well seasoned, juicy and tender chicken morsels that were snapped up (of course mostly by me) in a jiffy. 
The gyoza was passable but not very remarkable. 
Wagyu beef tongue
Daikon salad
Thinly sliced daikon topped with these dried silverfish in a zingy refreshing sauce.
* I had my dinner at the Horses' Mouth and I've not been inside Uma Uma ramen restaurant. No regrets for this cos we had great drinks to wash down the great meal. 

Uma uma Ramen
01-41 Forum the Shopping Mall
Tel 62350855