Friday, September 28, 2012

Kuriya's mountain of uni

Kuriyas monthly special lunch set was this uni set (limited to 10 sets/day) fortunately they still had stock even though our lunch was rather late. No regrets ordering this $50++ set cos it was really a mountain of uni and chopped assorted sashimi. Not as fresh as the kind u get in Japan but pretty close! And the bontan ebi was a joy to eat (even though I'm allergic to raw prawns) - the head was so delightfully crispy and lightly salted that I ate everything except the eyeballs.

The other set was a grilled ?saiyuri fish which was very fresh, and thick sashimi. Both sets came with a salad starter, miso soup and dessert of the day which was pineapple custard and a small scoop of black sesame ice cream.
Though some people will disagree with kuriyas no children under 6 years old dining policy, I, for once am totally for it. No annoying screeches or crying or kids running around and disturbing my peaceful meal of slurping down sweet uni.

Great world city

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