Sunday, April 8, 2012

Latteria Mozzarella

Happy Easter everyone!
I've just gotten back from a short break to Thailand (where I at a disappointing meal at Zanotti) and I'm even sadder cos I'm closer to 7 months of posting that I'm not particularly crazy over and looking through the Board of Sadness (59 other sad souls and counting...) is not helping either...

Went to La Mozzarella about 2 months back (but didn't have time to blog so here's the post now...)
Major disappointment with the bread - it's so freaking hard that it can be used as a weapon.
Fresh burrata - my favourite cheese cos it's so soft and creamy. And the cherry tomatoes are insanely sweet feels like you're eating grapes...
Yummy crabmeat linguine with mascarpone cheese - can't beat Valentino's lobster linguine with pink sauce but it comes close! I am such a sucker for any seafood based linguine with pink sauce.
Mac and Cheese - done La Mozzarella style
It's baked inside a whole pumpkin and it does get quite tiring to eat the same dish after a while. I would suggest to share this amongst 2 people. Just as well that the bread was hard cos I have poor self control when it comes to restaurant bread especially it's soft and fluffy and comes with great olive oil.

The pumpkin was baked until it was soft and pulpy but the whole thing together was just too filling - it could easily feed 2. I would only recommend this dish if you can share.

Personally, I enjoyed the starter the most and there were at least 2 -3 other fresh cheese starters that I wanted to try. Perhaps next time I shall order 2-3 starters and less mains...
Lemon panna cotta with berries in balsamic sauce
I dislike anything with citrus but I suppose that it serves some purpose here cos it's supposed to make the panna cotta lighter. I don't see why anyone wants to disguise panna cotta as a light dessert when it's obviously made from lots of cream and delicious calorie laden things but I really liked the berries layer.
Cos I don't like lemon, I prophylactically got myself a gelato to top off my meal just in case I didn't like the panna cottta :D

Latteria Mozzarella
40 Duxton Hill