Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I've been neglecting this blog far too long partially cos of work commitments (especially since i feel that Im dying a few days earlier after I finish each shift...Its quite strange cos previously I just felt like I aged more aft each call ) and partly because I'm feeling great inertia to blog about the foods I've eaten. ...Shall try to start again!

I've just returned from the beautiful island of Cebu where
I gouged myself on mangoes. Philippines is one of the major exporters for dried mangoes and I'm sure most people have tried the famous 7D dried mangoes.

Halo-halo is one of the popular Filipino desserts. It's a combination of yam
(ube) ice cream, attap seeds, jelly, beans, shaved ice and milk and it's a refreshing dessert on a hot day. Sometimes it comes with A caramel custard like pudding too. It's not too sweet either cos there's shaved ice to offset the creaminess and sweetness of the ice cream.
I'm not sure if anyone else remembers but when I was younger and my maid came back from her holiday to Philippines she will buy halo halo ice cream and it'll come packed in dried ice so that it can survive the flight back to Sgp. Somehow the yam Ice cream from Philippines tastes better than the ones we get in Singapore.

Till the next time! Hopefully soon!

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