Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fre(n)sh - Best hot chocolate in Spore?

We went to Vivocity to visit Pamela who was waitressing at Fren(s)h, and also for the food (for me).On Pamela's recommendation, I decided to try the hot chocolate. I don't usually take hot drinks, but then it was raining so i decided to make it an exception since she said that a customer told them that she hasn't been able to find such chocolate outside Italy.
It's really the best hot chocolate I've tried in Singapore, coming really really close to Australia's Koko black hot chocolate. Btw, Koko Black in Australia serves wonderfully awsome chocolate drinks and desserts. And this comes really close.
Forget going to Couderoy for hot chocolate - this one beats it hands down.
Chocolate lovers should really go and give it a try - you won't regret.

I also tried this new thing called Fromage Blanc, which is the first time I've seen it in Singapore. Dunno anywhere else that serves it. It's cream cheese with a jam base. The cream cheese is quite viscous - it's not runny but it's not solid either. Maybe it's like plasma? The fig jam is nice and chunky, and it's sweet and complements the cream cheese very well. It's a very authentic French dessert too.Of course, I also koped Fish's creme brulee which was delicious (as I said last time). It's served cold (not hot like other places) which I like. Sweet Cold Things are a great way to end off a delicious meal.
For my mains, I tried the Fren(s)h chicken tartine. It's minced chicken and potatoes. You can get either the mustard base which isn't very popular with the locals cos it's very strong and tastes like wasabi, or mayonnaise. I tried the mustard one but then I regretted my over-adventurous spur of the moment decision. Next time i'll stick with the duck or the goat cheese (which btw is also fantastic). They also have foie gras sandwich but it's more ex.Btw fish hates lettuce. The salad is lettuce only but the dressing is nice and sourish and with sweet rasins. But I like the salad.
This is the quiche - today was tuna quiche - the whole base is tuna so you'll be sure to get some tuna chunks in every mouthful. (Totally way higher than Delifrance where there's one morsel of ham in the whole mattress of egg/cheese mixture :P)

I'm getting hungry looking at all these food...

#01-163 Vivocity
Lunch Sandwich set with drink and desssert costs $15 nett
Lunch set with drink costs $10 nett


Anonymous said...

the tiramisu at Fre(n)sh is really good too!! go try it!! and the hot french waiters definitely make me wanna go back haha (: - cel

Anonymous said...

i stepped in to fre(n)sh for the 1st time on 1st jan 2007 after an interesting intro on the food from one of the boss. Tried the chkn tartines & creme brulee & yes! i got so addicted!

I missed it so much for the next 6 months when i was out of town & finally got to try their food again yesterday. The creme brulee is simply fabulous! Keep up the gd wrk guys! & i agree one of the boss is real hot! Not gona tell u which :p

m said...

Cel: haha I see that it takes more tahn food to make you go back to frensh! :P
Orangecube: Eeps I didn't notice the boss! But the food's really good - cream brulee tiramisu and hot chocolate! Oh no Im getting hungry!