Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cake & Crepe @ Ion Orchard

Aprico sold out of their famous Salted caramel cake (sadness) - must be becuase of the Straits Times - everything they write about gets flooded and sold out. Hopefully, people will eventually forget about it so I can actually get one for myself. Shall try again on Friday after my test :D

So I tried the next best looking thing on their display, which is the Caramel Sand Cake ($3.80). It's a pretty unappetising name, but it tastes much better than it looks. Although it looks like a piece of those old school bakery breads (or the kind of bread you eat from the roadside ice cream stalls), it's actually a very soft and fluffy piece of cake (which unfortunately looks like a simple piece of bread. In fact, when I first saw my cake, my heart sank cos it looked just like an ordinary piece of white bread topped with cream and caramel and almonds.

Cream lovers will adore this cake - it's heaped with freshly whipped cream, and drizzled with caramel sauce (not alot, but enough to make it sweet) and crunchy slivered almonds. And all of these on a airy cake base. But for me, I'd rather eat the Salted Caramel roll - looks much better, and since I don't really like whipped cream, the Caramel Sand Cake isn't really my kind of dessert.
I'll be back for the Caramel Roll!!! *Drooools* There's quite a few new desesrt stalls in Ion, one of them being Tokyo Crepe. Their colour theme is Black and Pink, and the character on the crepe wrapper reminds me of this manga artist Ai Yazawa's drawing.
Since I was trying the crepe, I decided to go for all out and get the most expensive one (try the best one, if not nice then don't try anymore). Its a whopping $7.80 for the Mixed Berry Crepe, which comes with fresh cream, strawberry, berry sauce and ice cream.

The crepe skin is the slightly eggy yellowish kind and pretty smooth. It's also quite thin so the pointed end of the crepe (which is also the thickest part) doesn't taste rubbery. It's slathered with lots of whipped cream (seems to be a common factor in all these Japanese desserts?) a tart berry sauce, Magnolia or Marigold ice cream (saw them scooping from the ice cream tub) and sliced strawberries. I thought that the ice cream didn't do the crepe justice - and neither did the price tag. Then again, everything in Ion is expensive...

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ice said...

Hey dear, you should try the salted caramel swiss roll. It's really different from the caramel sand. I think it's prob quite hard to get the rolls at night especially in the weekends coz they sell out fast.