Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ion Orchard - R Burger

Read about the R burger in the newspapers and wanted to try it. Actually, the concept of an Asian burger isn't new in Singapore. There's quite a few stalls selling mantous with the stewed pork, topped with lettuce and mayo. But since this is Japanese, and since it was new, I decided to try it.
I went there on Sunday evening around 8 plus, and they had completely sold out their beef patties (not that it affected me), but they also sold out of their tofu nuggets (sounds like a pseudo healthy food!) and tofu chicken burger. I had the Ume (sour plum) Chicken burger set meal, minus the (standard) salad, which they replaced with chicken nuggets.

Their burger bun is a steamed mantou, which I found a bit too thick for my liking. Perhaps it was because my chicken patty was rather thin (compared to the thickness of the bun. It's about the thickness of a normal cheeseburger patty from Macs) so it just tasted very bready. I liked the Shiso leaf though - it gave the burger an interesting taste, and went pretty well with the grilled (?) chicken patty. The chicken patty wasn't too salty, and went very well with the sweet and sour ume sauce.

The Chickne nuggets aren't like Mcdonald's ones at all. These have some spices added - I spied a few pieces of chopped onion. And they are coated with a light and crispy batter. Wedges weren't very remarkable.
There is a choice of Green tea, Buckwheat tea, Milk Tea, Oolong Tea and roasted green tea for the drink, so I had the cold buckwheat tea. I personally enjoyed drinking tea with my burger - even though the combination seems really weird.
Frankly, their concept of a 'healthy' burger is quite misleading - the little roll of salad is not going to negate all the oils used to fry those wedges. I'm reading their flyer now - they add marine collagen into the buns - which apparently helps to make one's skin more beautiful. Another health reason to eat it.

The price is rather steep - $8.80 for a Burger, Salad, Wedges and Drink. Then again, everything in Ion is ex (especially the food). (Not that I'm complaining - so much new food to try! Very exciting indeed!)

I won't mind returning to R Burger to try their salmon Burger with Ankake sauce (black vinegar) or their chickne tofu burger. It's a refreshing change from Mos burger. Hopefully, the next time I visit them, the salad will be available.
R Burger
Ion Orchard


Foodies Queen said...

The shop owner is our homegrown artiste - Adam Chen. Haha...

agony said...

I tried it today and nearly wanted to bash someone over the horrific long waiting time (30 mins). I'm surprise you like the chicken patty because I don't really find it good. But that's my personal opinion. I do agree that it is extremely expensive for a combo meal!

You didn't miss much from salad. It's healthy but not very appetizing.

m said...

Hello agony - sorry to hear that you spent so long queueing & did not enjoy your food. I queued<10mins for mine, prob cos it was closing time. I'd been pissed if i had to queue 30mins-really not worth queueing up for. I did not find the chicken patty exceedingly good, just that it was an interesting combi with the shiso leaf and all.