Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sushi Tei - West Coast Plaza

Blogger was being so irritating and not letting me upload photos - if not I would have blogged about my dinner at Hibiki. But since it keeps telling me internal error, I shall just do a short post on Sushi Tei.
My negitoro don ($10) from Sushi Tei. There are 3 grades of tuna belly - toro, chutoro and otoro - and otoro is the most expensive and toro being the cheapest (but still expensive) grade of tuna belly. I think I still prefer eating my negitoro in maki (the small little rolls with seaweed) or temaki (handroll) style. Somehow, it just seems weird to scoop the very moist, pastey negitoro up with my rice.They're having some lunch promo, where you can top up a few dollars for additional side dishes. I think my Califonia Maki and Chawanmushi costs $3 to top up. Other add-ons include miso soup, rice, udon etc from $3 to $4.50.

I haven't been to Sushi Tei in a while and I completely forgot that they serve Green Tea for free. Plus, they're really attentive and constantly refill it. Perhaps it's only cos West Coast Plaza is pretty new and the sushi tei is pretty empty still.
Sushi Tei
154 West Coast Road
#01-69 West Coast Plaza
Tel: 6775 0012


julie said...

haha mich to think you were laughing at my very pink sushi at sushi kikuzawa !! now you have amplified ++ pinkiness !!

m said...

Ya its super pink - fish will hate this dish cos it's pink :P