Sunday, July 5, 2009

Paulaner Brauhaus - The only thing that comes quickly is the bill

To celebrate our non-existant EOPT, we went to Pauler Brauhaus cos they were having a 10th Anniversary promotion.Paulaner Brauhaus has it's own microbrewery. For their 10th Anniversary celebration, they are only brewing 2 kinds of beer - the Munich light and the Munich dark. I prefered the dark one cos it wasn't as bitter and tasted more interesting than the light one.
My main, the Spicy Kolbaz grilled sausages with Potato Salad (promo price $10++)
Actually, I couldn't decide between the Nurnberger and this, since both were pork sausages (and since I don't eat beef, I couldn't eat the curywurst), and I already tried the pork kunckle. I chose this in the end cos I wanted to try the potato salad. The potato salad isn't the usual cream based one that we get. It was very sourish and had bits of bacon mixed in. The sausages were rather salty, mildly spicy and not bad, but not something that I'll be craving for anytime soon. For $10.60 nett, it's a pretty good portion.
Nurberger Grilled Sausages with Mashed Potatoes and Sauerkraut (promo price $10++)
This was the other pork sausage, which were non-spicy. I'm not a sausage expert so I thought they tasted about the same - just that the Kolbaz was slightly more spicy, and the Nurberger was jucier.
Grilled Veal Sausage with Curried Tomato Sauce and French Fries(aka "Currywurst") (promo price $10++)
Since I don't eat beef, I koped lots of the sauce and french fries. The tomato sauce is really delicious - sweet, salty and tangy, with a generous sprinkling of aromatic curry on top.
The Crispy Pork Kunckle with Sauerkraut and Bread dumpling is pretty good, just that the it isn't a full pork kunckle (probably a half or a third of a full pork kunckle?). The skin is very crispy, and looks just like suckling pig skin. I find that a whole pork kunckle shouldn't be eaten by just one person cos by the time I'm 3/4th way through my pork kunckle, I'm usually sick of it and I won't feel like eating pork kunckle for the next 3 mths. Anyway, this portion is just right for 1 person, and it's only $10++.
Now, for the sucky part of the meal - the service here is really atrocious.
We were sitting inside the aircon bar area at first (that was when we ate the prok kunckle), but we moved to the al fresco seating area after having our pork knuckle cos there weren't enough seats in the airconditioned area for the 11 of us.

When we asked the waiter outside for iced water, we were told that the restaurant doesn't serve iced water. Which is complete b*** s*** cos the table of Caucasians right next to us ALL had iced water. So we pointed this out to the waiter, and he said that it was because they had ordered beer. So we ordered our beer and food. Our water took a whopping 1 hour 15 min to arrive. And that was after reminding them 3 times about it.
We ordered 7 main courses first (since the other people were coming later) - the first four took a reasonable amount of time to arrive and the next three arrived 40min later.
Another thing that irked me was that they didn't give us any knives - we were all eating our main courses with forks cos their service was so slow - half the time we didn't have food, and the other half of the time, we were waiting for cutlery.
On top of that, they overcharged us for 2 beers.
The waiters and waitresses there are all competing for the blackest-face-award. There was not a single smile, and they were very unapologectic about their lapses in service.
The 10th Anniversary promotion is only for people who can't count or can't drink. Their promo says that beers are only $10++ each, but if you bother to read their menu, you'll realize that their offer isnt really an offer after all (unless you're only going to drink ONE 0.3L beer).
And because they're having their beer 'offer', they only serve 0.3L beers, and no 0.5 or 1L beers.
That said, the food's quite worth it (only during the promo) - Citibank card holders get an additional 10% off, so each of our $10++ was $10.60 nett, which is great if you're willing to put up with the shitty service.
(Blogger doesn't seem to be letting me upload pictures now! Anyway, I'll be giving the food 3 stars, cos of the anniversary promotion. Without the promo, I'll just give it 2/5. Not worth coming back here unless they're having a promo, but then again, they'll have the blackest faced waiters ever!)
Paulaner Brauhaus
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-01 Millenia Walk
Tel: 6883 2572


Foodies Queen said...

wow...that's really bad! I passed by that day and was thinking of going there one of these days...hmm...I have yet to go to the outlet here. Seems like overseas outlet cld b a tad better. ^.^

m said...

it's my 1st time there - heard tt their service is usually better. Anw the food's pretty worth it esp if you have citibank.

Anonymous said...


it badd service to the max! omggg i HATE the waiter who slammed down our food! black-face idiot! wonder who he is and if the company or he is reading this.. sorry, but YOUR SERVICE WAS JUST SO LOUSY! and i had to pay for service charge! luckily there was 10% off with citibank..

maybe cos we were seated at the bar with shitty waiters and waitresses! i think the restaurant SHOULD have a better service. please book beforehand!

haha i shall not leave my name. but you can guess who la ;p