Sunday, July 19, 2009

Takashimaya Basement Food Fair

I went for the food fair on both Wednesday and Friday - and got my self lots of purple sweet potato doriyaki. Doriyaki is a Japanese confectionery which consists of 2 pieces of pancake and (usually) filled with red bean. Till now, I've never tasted fresh doriyaki. These doriyakis are fresh off the movable conveyor belt hot pan, and even branded on the spot (look at the pancake on the top left hand corner - the woman's branding the pancake :)
The purple sweet potato filling is nice and sweet, smooth and I think it beats red bean anytime. Red bean isn't my most favourite filling. I also got myself a Vietnamese Baguette($3.90) from the Yummy Viet stall. I really like eating Vietnamese Baguettes (aka Bánh mì ) - the crusty bread, pate, ham, crunchy preserved vegetables (turnips, carrots, cucumbers, chillies and lots and lots of parsley) go really well together. I used to be crazy over the Saigon Baguette from Raffles City till they sadly closed down (they have another branch somewhere in the CBD). I got the mixed ham baguette - I don't quite like the taste of the ham and the pate - I think Saigon Baguette tastes much better, even though its much pricier at about $5+ for a baguette.
Actually I don't know why there aren't many Vietnamese Baguette stalls around Singapore. It's an Asian sandwich - should be quite popular here right?There's also a booth from Perla's Pastry Boutique, which is Valentino's (of Ristorante Da Valentino's sister. Her fruit tarts look awsome! Actually, I was too full (and feeling too stingy) to buy her tarts) even though I sampled the Chocolate Fig one. It's $10.80 for a pie which can feed 2 people (or 4 very small eaters). I shall hurry down to Perla's stall in Jalan Binka one day when I'm feeling indulgent.

There's also a Japanese fruits booth, which was selling the super delicious Kyoho Grapes from Japan ($16 for a bunch), as well as Japanese Peaches ($26 for 2) and Fuji apples ($9 for 3). I got my Fuji apples on Wednesday (which are already stored in my stomach) as a treat for myself before my EOPT. When I went back on Friday, they didn't have apples anymore.

There's also an Udders (alcoholic) Ice Cream booth - where I managed to sample the Chocolate Java Chip (or something like that I somehow can't remember the name) which is their most alcoholic ice cream. Haven't been to Udders in a very long while - I'm missing their super alcoholic ice creams.

Also, they have the funky egg tarts which I tried in the previous Taka food fare - they still have their charcoal egg tarts and various other flavours such as chocolate, kaya, apple, chicken mushroom etc.

Ah I might just go back tomorrow to get some more doriyakis (I've already eaten 3 to date) and maybe a tart from Perla's :)

It's ending on Sunday (which is actually today) so hurry down before the weekend ends:)

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