Saturday, July 11, 2009

South Buona Vista Rd Boneless Duck Rice

I freaking sound like some old grandmother - but the portions at this duck rice stall is really shrinking. The plate in the picture is $3 and there's hardly any duck inside! I dapaoed the $4 packet (cos I thought since $3 has such a miserable amount of duck, I must as well get a larger pack) and it was just marginally more. Of course, the main draw is the duck being boneless, tender and doused in sweet sauce. Also, as much as I hate adding chilli to my food most of the time, the sweet and sour chilli sauce goes really well with the duck. The sourish vinegar balances all the dark sweet sauce drenching the duck meat. However, you will have to ask specifically for the watery chilli sauce. They seem to be very secretive about the watery chilli sauce - they won't give it to you unless you ask.$3 portion of sambal kangkong. We were just saying that in a yong tau foo stall you can get a similar portion for 30 cents... at least it tasted good - the stoves at home just can't cook some vegetables properly, and sambal kangkong is one of them. Kangkong has to be seared at extremely high temperatures or it'll just turn to a dark green, mottled soggy mess.

Another thing about this place - the carpark here is nearly non-existant, especially during lunch time. Just park at the Village Centre and walk over - not worth worring about getting caught by the parking attendant or getting your car scratched...

Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House 林成利鴨飯餐室
38 South Buona Vista Road
Tel: 6475 9908

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supernova said...

I've eaten at this stall for more than 2 decades.. i literally grew up with it. It is true the portions are not big but the prices here have never increased much. Not much places u can still find $3 a plate of braised duck rice. About the kangkong.. $3 sambal kangkong is the cheapest u can find versus any other zichar stall. I dare say that their sambal is the best I've tasted, not too spicy or oily, but full of flavor...more suitable for the general public's palette.

I don't know how come u need to ask for the sweet chilli.. their chilli sauce is actually a combination of 2 different types of chilli. It usually comes with both the sweet and the dry and sambal-like one.. and i always have alot of it. yummy!

If u want more meat, ask for the $5 a plate of duck, and $0.30 for a separate bowl of rice. That's how the regulars have it there, the best duck rice in SG.