Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wasabi Tei - I'll try the cooked food next time

I hadn't been to Wasabi Tei for quite some time , and the last time I went (on a Friday), the Chirashi Don ($20) was super lousy. The fish wasn't fresh and the uni (sea urchin) tasted like crap. Sea urchin has to be super fresh or not it's really very bitter and inedible. The hamachi wasn't exactly the freshest either.

Actually, I've just realized how blur I am. The last time I visited Wasabi Tei was on Saturday in December last year, and it was also not fresh. Perhaps I should go on Thursdays instaed. Maybe the sashimi will be fresher?
The chawanmushi ($5) was still good. But bleagh not coming back anymore for the Chirashi don unless I'm desperate. I think from now on I shall just camp at Iseatan until it's 50% off for the sashimi! $20 can get me quite alot of sashimi when there's 50% off :/
Maybe I'll try the cooked food next. The hotpot looks pretty good!

Wasabi tei
14 Scotts Road
#05-70 Far East Plaza
Tel: 62388216

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