Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Truffle Oil and Scallops

I bought a bottle of truffle oil from Culina around a month ago, but I've only got down to using it recently. It's $50 for 250ml - super ex but I'm hoping to use it lots so that I won't keep ordering truffle dishes outside (which will be even more ex). I've found that Culina's truffle oil is cheaper than the one from Jones, which was around $80 for 250ml - and had a few morsels of black truffle in the oil. Cold storage was having a sale for their fresh scallops though I'm not sure what the normal price to begin with, but they looked so fat and delicious, I just had to buy them (and find someway to cook them later). I ended up searing them and then eating them with roasted red pepper. After eating roasted vegetables at Da Paolo, I have decided to make them myself cos it's very simple and tonnes cheaper.

Roasting peppers make them sweeter cos the heat caramelizes the sugars. And it's really easy. You can either put them right over the stove and flame them, or put them in the oven at high heat (I use 200°C) and slowly turn them around as the skins blister. Peel off the skin, remove the seeds and cut it into strips.

And drizzle lots of truffle oil over the end product.


ice said...

Nice! :)

Liam said...

You blog makes me so jealous. I am in land-locked Hungary and there is no fresh seafood only pork and chicken.