Friday, July 3, 2009


We were walking around Parkway Parade killing time before mj and stumbled upon Scoopz. They're famous for their durian ice cream, which they make themselves in a frozen plate device. They also happened to have avocado ice cream the day I went, which I've never seen before (since I don't even live anywhere near the east I hardly go to Scoopz). The only other time I've ever had avocado ice cream was when I ate the honey avocado ice cream from Da Paolo Gastronomia.

The avocado ice cream was very delicious. It had a natural looking pale green (I hate the fake green colour, especially for pistachio ice cream!) very creamy, had a strong avocado taste and reminds me avocado milkshake.I think it's $3.20 for a single scoop and $4.50 for a double scoop. I think it I wasn't so stuffed, I'll defnintely buy a tub home.
80 Marine Parade Road

#B1-154 Parkway Parade
Tel: 6440 3412


ice said...

There's Scoopz at Jurong Point. And avocado ice cream at Daily Scoop, Sunset Way. :) Melissa, the owner of Daily Scoop learnt her trade from Scoopz.

m said...

Thanks! I really must go Daily Scoop soon to try avocado ice cream soon :D