Sunday, February 3, 2008

Peach Garden

Had my Grandmother's 80th bday dinner @ Peach Garden Novena (the family default for special occasion Chinese dinners)
Here's a v costly set (cos ren shen qi shi gu lai xi! aiya this is probably wrong but it's something like live to 70 v rare already!)
My grandmother is very smart - she will celebrate her Chinese and English birthdays every year, so fun right! got TWO birthdays and you don't age twice as fast either! HAHA I should go and find out when my Chinese Birthday is!

Longevity Buns - hehe we know this person who looks like a longevity bun!
Starter - Fried Egg Plant with Pork Floss
It's very crispy and it's so disguised under the pork floss that nearly everyone said it didn't taste or look like egg plant, which is quite saddening cos i really like eggplant
My fave dish of the day! So exciting! I've hardly eaten suckling pig! And this was a WHOLE suckling pig to the table! So exciting! Actually, I dun like the suckling pig skin. Think of it - it's exactly like LARD. But I do like the sauce and the cucumber and the spring onion and the bread thing. And of course, the deliciously tender meat! It's so juicy and it has this very interesitng taste and smell which is very different from the porky smell that a full grown pig has! Apparently in Phillippines, they don't eat suckling pigs cos it's quite cruel - it's better to fatten up all the Babe lookalikes into those ugly humongous monsters and have a village feast :D I mean if it's so ugly anyway, it doesn't really break your heart killing and eating it...

This is the sharks fin soup - quite normal but cos it's a celebration, must have sharks fin soup.This is the wasibi prawn and salted egg prawn. I love the salted egg prawns! (Salted egg crab is also very yummy too!) The prawns are the crystal kind that spurt their juices out when you crunch into them.Some fish with black fungus and bamboo shoots I think. Braised Spinach Tofu and abalone and spinach. I dunno why this kind of tofu is always so expensive - issit very hard to put spinach at the bottom of the tofu while setting it?? Anyway, the spinach is probably the baby spinach cos it's so soft and not fibrous at all. Eefu noodles with seafood. By this time everyone was so super stuffed already...But of course, there's always space for dessert! My fave Mango Pomelo sago! :D But I think the Liang Seah Street Ah Chew Dessert place beats thsi hands down cos theirs is thicker and creamier
Complimentary dessert - Water Chestnut Cake and Custard Pau. I just realised that this is probably my first time eating waterchestnutcake (ma ti gao)! Oh no I haven't eaten so many things!!!
The dinner cost us about $60 somethign per person which is quite ok I suppose since I got to eat suckling pig yum yum!

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