Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hanito - honey toast from pasta de waraku

I had the honey toast from pasta de waraku ytd for dessert. It's supposedly from shibuya (not that I recall seeing any of these there when I went there last yr). It's a generous thick toast sliced into 9 cubes for easy consumption. I think it's partially cos I like those Hong Kong style thick toasts but this is even better cos it comes with a layer of honey spread on top and there's so many different choices for toppings.
We shared the mixed fruit Hanito cos it looked like it had the most ingredients on top.
This is probably the best thing I've eaten from pasta de waraku (don't particularly like the pastas).

Mega full even after sharing the dinner set. Comes with corn soup (creamy and sweet)Salmon teriyaki was quite well done but I didn't like the overly sweet teriyaki sauce. Those little fried bits in the middle are tofu. Spicy prawn carbonara was really quite spicy cos they use those really tiny chilies.
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