Saturday, March 17, 2012

Plain vanilla

I never knew this place existed until someone gave my mum a box of these.

Until now, I haven't really been impressed by any commercially baked cupcake and the only one that I ate on a regular basis was marmalade pantry's geisha cupcake which they have discontinued - and the only reason why I liked it was because they used pandan icing and I'm a huge fan of anything with pandan.

The cupcakes are very fresh and come with a generous swirl of icing. The cake base is really good - it is fresh,moist, not overly fluffy but solid enough to hold the icing and to be filling.
My favourite flavour is the strawberry with white chocolate icing -the cupcake has a tiny depression in the middle for a piece of fresh strawberry. I'm not really a chocolate person (save for the chocolate origins cake that I'm craving for) but the chocolate banana and chocolate hazelnut ( with nutella!) are pretty good. The cookies is not bad and have crushed Oreos blended into the icing. Other flavours are red velvet (I found this average) milk chocolate (haven't tried this yet but it's in my fridge) carrot (looks like a carrot cake, have yet to try this too).

I've eaten this at least 4 times in the last week cos its convenient to get to. Im v sure that in the next few weeks to come plain vanillas popularity will explode and pretty soon I will have to queue long long long to get my cupcake fix.

Do note that they dont provide plastic bags but the box is really sturdy. Just makes it a bit troublesome if ur getting more than two boxes...

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red fir said...

I love PVB's cupcakes! Especially the Strawberry White Chocolate and Chocolate hazelnut as well. (:(:(:(:(:(:

Jer Lin said...

their brownies are good too!