Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tsukada Nojo - Jidori Chicken Ramen

 Super delayed post - but I'll do Tsukada Nojo injustice if I don't blog about it! I really like the new wing in Plaza Singapura cos there's so many new stores - just went to Hoshinos a few weeks ago...
Apparently they can't bring in Tsukada Nojo's famous brand chicken since AVA bans poultry imports from Japan - but these chickens come from Malaysia.
 Delicious chicken broth which is made from stewing the chickens for many hours. It's supposed to be full of collagen - and I think it's probably true because the texture of the soup is like that of sharks cartilage soup (one of my favourite Chinese style soups ). The soup is slightly murky and has this very nice smooth taste and it feels as if the soup is coating your tongue (essentially like sharks cartilage soup). I can just imagine all the goodness of collagen inside...
The noodles are thin (a bit like mee kia) and I think I could eat a whole bowl of the soup + noodles without any ingredients.
The toppings, which come separately. The chicken is really solid, tender and probably marginally tastier than your regular chicken. I really want to try their dinner menu which has pure collagen chicken soup!
Very specific instructions to eat their famous chicken collagen hot pot. Each hot pot is for 2 people so bring a dining companion down! I'll def blog about this on my return trip to Tsukada Nojo.

Tsukada Nojo
60B Orchard Road
The Atrium-Orchard Level #03-81

Singapore 238891
Tel 6336 5003


Daniel's Food Diary said...

How long did you wait? My waiting time was 2 hours!

m said...

hi daniel, I went during an odd time so it was minimal. Though I probably wont' queue for 2 hours!