Wednesday, July 1, 2015

h a p p y !

I know I've been MIA-ing again - but today is an AWESOME day (minus me being extremely rusty)  I am now so much more appreciative of what I have :D

Here's a photo of Project Acai's Large Acai bowl cos it looks so bright and cheerful!

I think I have increased my risk of coronary artery disease at least a 1000 fold, grew at least 100 strands of white hair and numerous wrinkles, and that is not counting the zillions of pimples in the last 2 months!

Seriously, I 'm not a self help book/video/article person but I did discover some good resources online. If you're unhappy please go and read this article  (I promise you it's awesome, too bad it came out about 3 months too late for me) and get this book (I read it from cover to cover). Or if you're too angsty and not in the mood to read anything - then watch this 10+ minute Ted Talk with 11 million views (seriously there's SO MANY unhappy people in this world!) But I'm now not one of them!

Alternatively, you can try some small changes (as recommended by the above Ted Talk), if you want to find out more you should read the book which explains why each method is successful in your journey to finding happiness.

1. Writing down 3 gratitudes everyday
Which I tried for like 2 weeks then failed cos I couldn't find anything being the highlight of my day, besides having a proper lunch break of a decent duration. There are a lot of apps which are free (another realisation that there are so many unhappy people in the world).

2. Journaling
I'm not into keeping this diary thing.

3. Exercise
Tried but didn't find it very useful, got an uneven tan and probably will get more age spots.

4. Meditation
Deep breathing exercises/yoga which works for the duration that I'm there, but my zenness dissipates within a day.

5. Random acts of Kindness
Didn't really try this since I usually just go to work and back without doing anything in between, besides exercising and meditating, which didn't seem very effective.

Perhaps I'll be able to dig up a bit more inspiration to write my blog now that my stress levels have normalised and my mood is better.
My black bunny, me, and white rabbit sweet hairband
You can also hug or rub an animal, which supposedly brings down stress levels. Bunny received many hugs and rubs.

Or you can also perhaps repeat the Serenity Prayer many many times (but I don't find it very helpful). Probably would be helpful if you are the religious sort.

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