Tuesday, August 11, 2015


When I read about Babette in the papers, I sort of dismissed it cos it was in some funny place which I didn't know how to get to (easily). Too lazy to use my brain or google maps to search out new restaurants. I didn't realise that Babette was located right behind Lavender food centre - always thought it was hard to get to so I never attempted to go there myself. Big mistake cos the matcha lava cake is to die for.

I'm a great big fan of matcha flavoured stuff, even since having an matcha epiphany after eating the Haagen Daz green tea ice cream (my second most favourite flavour, just after coffee, which has been my favourite flavour the nearly the last 2 decades).

The piece de renaissance - the matcha lava cake is really to die for (I am salivating away as I type this). According to MT, who is the Babette expert, the standard of the cake varies and sometimes, the outer crust is too thick. As I am a novice matcha lava cake eater, I did think my cake was really well done - the thin crispy shell, oozingly sweet matcha lava flowing out after I dug a hole in it (didn't manage to take photos - too excited trying to eat it).  I really liked the ice cream (Kapiti, same as my favourite dessert from Marmalade pantry), and despite disliking adzuki beans, I felt that these went well with the whole Japanese dessert theme.

I don't know why more people don't come up with the same dessert - it's such a refreshing change from the run of the mill chocolate lava cake.

Sashimi Salad
So after learning of their awesome matcha cake, I revisited the place about 4x in the last 2 months. The chirashi don is very affordable, but I do wish they got rid of those interfering bits of pickled carrots and daikon. I don't particularly like the taste, and in the dark it's hard to see if it's a piece f salmon or a carrot - and when I'm expecting a soft fatty piece of salmon, I instead bit down into a hard, sour piece of pickled carrot.

I have a photo of the sashimi salad with their special house dressing. It's essentially the same toppings as the chirashi don, including the interfering bits of pickled vegetables.
No complaints about the roasted avocado , except that they have the same annoyingly interfering bits of carrots and daikon. I'm not sure if this is done to bulk up the filling or what, but it is really intensely annoying to me at least (my dining companion was definitely not bothered by the same things as me).
  The truffle fries are pretty average, not bad but nothing to shout about.
 I think this was some garlic rice or something - it was too gooey for my liking.
 The chilli crab linguine - sauce was way too sweet and tasted like the bottled Thai sweet chilli sauce .
 The wagyu beef don which everyone is raving about - topped with a piece of oozing foie gras no less. My friends seem to like this - keep eating this whenever we go to Babette.
The pork don with onsen egg - apparently can't compare to the wagyu don.
 The asparagus with sesame sauce - the sauce is really nice - rich and creamy. Chicken wings were pretty average.

The savoury food here's pretty much hit and miss, but the green tea lava cake is the best! I'll come back here as long as they serve it...

165 Tyrwhitt Road
Singaproe 207569
Phone 63417727

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