Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Aoki Awsomeness

Awsomeness. I just had one of my most fantastic Jap lunches of the year! And much sooner than I expected too. Braved the heavy rains and horrendous carpark to get my Japanese lunch fix - after being deprived of Japanese food for so long.

Otoshi and salad
Salad with vinegrette and boiled spinach (I think?) ootoshi topped with bonito flakes.
Mazechirashi zushi
Check out all that glistening roe! And the pieces of sweet and fresh uni (sea urchin), abalone, toro (fatty tuna belly), maguro (tuna), hotate (scallop), squid, hamachi (yellowtail) and finely sliced mini Japanese cucumbers. And instead of normal tamago, they have this egg pancake thing, which is sweet and cakey.
The rice smells really nice - it's the woody smell from that wooden rice basket thing they put it in I think? And it's topped with seaweed and sliced shisho leaves.Side dishes: Pickles with eggplant, some root (lotus?) and daikon. And my blob of fresh wasabi (asked them to separate it since I only like a little dot of it with my food). Miso soup -Steaming and not too salty, but full of flavour.
Sushi set (9 pieces and 1 roll)
The tamago here is great! Firm, sweet and just the right amount of moisture. And I ate the ika (squid) since my friend didn't want to eat it - it's super fresh, smooth and chewy. The sushi set comes with chawanmushi, which is incredibly smooth and wobbly.
Dessert was fantastic - not one but three mini desserts.
Corn ice cream was nothing like the sweet corn ice cream you get from Magnolia at all. It was very very creamy, smooth, and had the subtle taste of corn. I was really sad when I finished my little scoop of ice cream. Plum wine jelly and Milk Pudding.
Loved the milk pudding, which had brown sugar syrup at the bottom. Fatty Tuna (not mine though)
I was so amazed by their White Fish in Truffle oil with truffle slices (see the link for the picture and review) that I could only gwak in awe while watching the chef slice a neat little pile of truffle slivers from a huge-ass truffle onto the white fish. It's 95 bucks plus plus for a small plate of that, but it smells so heavenly. I'm so envious of the 5 other people there who ate it.
No better way than this to kick start my 1 week holiday! (Although it's already filled up with open houses and STUDYING T-T)

$35++ for the mazechiraishi zushi
$50++ for the 9piece sushi set with 1 roll
$3++ per person for otoshi
$40-something for a slice of paradise ($35+$3+taxes). Why didn't I discover this place sooner?!

Aoki Restaurant
1 Scott Road#02-17 Shaw Centre
Tel: 6333 8015
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat: 12pm-3pm, 6.30pm-11pm
Sun: 6.30pm-11pm


red fir said...

You had corn ice cream! I'm so jealous.

Emma said...

yes, Aoki is so awesome and at prices that don't leave your wallet weeping too. Love love love the mazechiraishi!

m said...

ice: it was really nice, but so tiny
emma: wonder why i took so long to discover it! super delicious :)