Saturday, December 26, 2009

Canele's Fruit Cake

Yikes I didn't update my blog over christmas, so HAPPY BOXING DAY (since I missed Christmas). I'm on my 1 week pseudo-break, which was filled up with some school stuff. Having to study during the festive seasons makes me feel like scrooge! Even though I hardly cover more than a few pages at a time:/ My brain feels like a pea whenever I have to memorize stuff. If I could, I'd wish for a bigger hard disc and ram for my brain. Anyway, for the past 7 days of pseudo-holiday, I've been happily not waking up before 7 am :D, and having much better food than I've had in the past 2-3 months! I've been 'storing' up lots of good food during this break, in preparation for my starvation and deprivation in the Far East for the next 6 weeks. My mum brought this home... I like the box, but not the bringt pink ribbon (cos I don't like pink unless it's in my food).It's drier than I expect a fruit cake to be, but the highlight is the brandy steeped fruits - whole pieces of cherry, apricots, dates and almonds which had a nice glossy finish.

The cake itself is pretty normal tasting, not buttery or brandy soaked - and a bit on the dry side. Some hints of spices. Plus, it isn't packed with fruits and raisins like how I like my fruit cakes to be.

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