Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I read about Platypus Kitchen online quite a while ago, but since I don't frequent the Bugis area (full of young kids now, I'm such an old hag) I didn't really keep it on my (food) radar.

However, the opportunity came up when we decided to have some fun and play the escape room game at Bugis + (the ex Illuma). Sad to say, we failed miserably (even the staff who came in to show us how to solve the puzzle was shocked by our dismal progress :/) Anyway, if you haven't tried it before, you should totally consider playing the escape room game. It's pretty interesting (but involves quite a bit of brainwork, and hunting around in the dark) and there's aircon. I mean seriously, how many other things is there to do (in aircon comfort) in Singapore, that doesn't include eating/movies/shopping? Maybe minature golf... You'll need a group of between 4-8 people, who can reach on time, willing to pay about $30 (but I used a groupon offer, so it was much cheaper) and spend 45 min trying to solve puzzles.
Truffle fries were sold out by the time we went for dinner. It's $6.90 and there's real pieces of truffle in it!
Soup of the day - mushroom and pumpkin. I had the pumpkin - not bad, not too creamy and warm and satisfying.

 My black and white crab pasta ($24 with the starter and drink) - It's a mixture of squid ink pasta with the normal egg pasta.
I quite liked my dish - I thought it was very worth the price, especially with that generous lump of crab meat on top.
The sauce was light and tasty, I think it's a white wine based sauce with garlic. My friend found her pasta to be too undercooked though I didn't have any issues with mine.Then again, I like my pasta slightly hard and really dislike soggy pasta.
Crabmeat squid ink pasta with tomato cream sauce - this was a special request, and tasted quite good ($24). 
Dessert menu was pretty interesting so save space for it.
The icy cheesecake was very refreshing - like a super gao cheese ice cream with some crunchy bits. It was very affordable too - sub $10

I really think that this place is worth trying, especially if you're on a budget. The ambience and setting makes you feel like you're dining at somewhere slightly more upmarket, but the food prices are very very reasonable.

Platypus Kitchen
03-29 Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street
Tel 63334434
Monday to Sunday 12pm to 10pm

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