Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bean Curd Tarts - Le Confectionery and Pastry

Haiz, I'm very sad - it's my holidays and I can't play mj online on viwawa! There's something wrong with my flash player or something :/ I suppose I won't be able to rot infront of my comp this whole holiday :( and haiz again, cos I find it insanely hard to update during holidays - so much funner things to do (blogging is always funner than studying). Anyway, here's a quite outdated post from before my exams...While I was stuck at home mugging, my brother and mum stumbled upon this very crowded bakery along Middle Road. (I hardly go there cos the parking's crazy and there's ERP). I suppose they're only opened during lunch time, cos I've never seen it before, probably because I only go to that area at night for beancurd.

These are soyabean tarts, which are the soyabean equivalent of egg tarts. Unlike the traditional egg tarts, these tarts are filled with a delicious, smooth and silky soyabean filling. The soyabean taste is very strong, and the tarts aren't as sweet as normal egg tarts.
Ginko nut and white fungus tart - packed with soft and chewy ginko nut halves and crunchy white fungus bits. This is my fave tart. It's really yummy when served chilled, and the tarts are nice and big - so that means you'll be satisfied with one :)
Herbal jelly (or is it chin chow? I think herbal jelly, but I'm not too sure cos I'm not a big fan of herbal jelly).
I'll strongly recommend you to try their 'Mixed' Tarts, which include 2 ginko nut and white fungus tarts, 2 herbal jelly tarts, and 4 plain tarts. ($9). A box of 8 Plain tarts costs $8.

I really like the tart crust. It's not the puffpastry kind, but more of the pie/crumbly/biscuity kind, which I prefer.

Since I like soyabean, and the tart crust:

Le Cafe Confectionery and Pastry
264 Middle Road
Singapore 18890
Tel: 63372417

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