Saturday, May 10, 2008

Shokudo Waffle

Super outdated post - I went to try the Shokudo Waffle which I didn't have th opportunity to try previously.
Compared to Gelare and most of the other waffle stores, I think Shokudo's Waffle is really quite value for money - humongous fresh crispy waffle, which is soft and yummy on the inside, with a scoop of ice cream for $5.80++ (it's about $6.80 after gst and tax). Gelare is seriously ripping people off... and their waffle is the cakey buttery kind which I don't really like.I had my waffle with White Sesame Ice Cream, and its really nice cos unlike the black sesame ice cream which has a slight bitter aftertaste, this one just smells and tastes really fragrant, but isn't bitter at all.

I think this is the most worth-it dish in the whole of shokudo :D I wouldn't mind coming back for more waffle.

Hmm I wonder if they really use up ALL that banana cos it's really a whole lot - and bananas ripen pretty fast?

Raffles City, B1


ice said...


any idea if they are using Haato's gelato? :)

ladyironchef said...

woo, serious ar? even better than gelare?

but tue its waffle day for gelare, half price! half price! haha

m said...

ice: I'm not too sure what kind of ice cream they're using, but it's not bad especially for the overall price

LIC: I don't quite like gelare's waffles cos I find that it's too oily tasting and smelling, But half price works for me if a waffle craving hits:P