Sunday, May 25, 2008

Culina - Demsey

We (meaning my brother and I) wanted to go to Culina on Thurs, but then it was 1.55pm and they needed the table back at 2.30pm. So that's why we went to Da Paolo.
So on Friday, we decided to try for Culina again. Culina is actually a gourmet supermarket (they have a branch at Bukit Timah, near Coronation Plaza, but that one doesn't serve food) and the one at Dempsy serves food. I tried the Linguine with Bug and Tomato Concasse. Actually, the name (the bug part) was so intriguing that I couldn't not try it. Of course, before ordering, I got the very helpful waiter to explain what it was. Bug is supposed to be a organism with a Lobster body and a crayfish head. But it looks just like a crayfish to me. Nevermind, just as long as it tasted good (I found it a bit soggy but no complaining cos it's quite a good portion of 3 little bugs).
The noodles are tossed in the delicious crusterean gravy. The tomatoes are juicy and sweet - with none of the usual tartness present.

The Enoteca Set Lunch (available Mon-Fri 12 to 3pm, $30++)
Choice of a starter from either Duck Mousse with morsels or Smoked Eel Salad.
The Duck Mousse with Morsels was a delightful smooth little scoop of duck blended so well, and there's apparently truffles inside. But I couldn't taste any truffle. Maybe it's a truffle which doesn't have much taste??
Mains: Choice of either grilled wagyu rump with mushroom sauce and seasonal vegetables or Flathead Fillet with Seasonal Vegetables and White Wine Sauce. Of course, no beef-eater can give up the Wagyu rump - even I picked a little piece to try. The mushroom sauce is fantastic, complementing the delicious beefy flavour of the Wagyu.Look at all these exotic grilled vegetables - the yellow UFO like squash thing, and some funny cucumber-like thing.Cherry Parfait - with cherry sauce. Lots of cochinal beetles died for this... (a little interesting fact that I learnt for bio). The cherry parfait tasted vaguely coconutty to me, but I don't think there's really coconut inside. Nevertheless, the cherry taste in the parfait was good, and the texture ofwhole thing was an in between a mousse and a ice cream. Strange texture.

The other dessert was Chocolate cake, which sounded quite boring (but some places have chocolate cakes to die for - but ignorance is bliss).

Overall, it's a pretty nice place to dine in, but I still prefered Da Paolo's set lunch - price wise and bread wise.
Block 8 Demsy Hill, Demsey Road
Singapore 249679
Tel 64747338


Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

How much did u spend there altogether?

m said...

hello jaime - the wagyu rump set was 30, linguine was 20, after taxes, it was $58.90 altogether.

ladyironchef said...

looks interesting! so u all had one set course, and one pasta? I guess it wasn't that expensive.

for the price worth the money? ha

m said...

LIC: I personally thoguht that value for money wise, it wasn't very worth it esp for a lunch place, since other places have set lunches for cheaper. But I suppose the Wagyu was worth it.