Friday, May 9, 2008

The Cookie Museum - Esplanade

Mother's Day is round the corner, and what better way to celebrate it than buying a tin of high-class expensive cookies (for your mum) that you'll never ever think of buying usually? (it's like buying Godiva chocolates yum!) and its even better if you get to share it with her!

This is really thanks to a Fish who said 'eh, the cookie museum gives out alot of samples...' while we were contempating how to kill 1hr.

They really do give lots of samples - and after I tried >10 samples (to make an 'informed' decision - there's really so many flavours to try and if you do go there, you'll realise that I'm not being a yao gui person.)
I tried 3 of the more 'normal' flavours - like blueberry, cranberry and some Mother's Day special (which comes in a special tin) but was not bowled over yet. They were crumbly and very buttery, but tasted quite 'normal' to me - not somethig that I was willing to spend so much on.

But then we moved on to the more exotic 'WOW' flavours:
Nasi Lemak, Ikan Billis, Hea Bee Hiam are all cookie flavours in the Cookie Museum!
I kept thinking of Willy Wonka's thousand flavoured bubble gum - this is probably the cookie version of it. In particular, the Nasi Lemak was very intersting cos it first tastes of Ikan billis, then peanuts and then the chilli tastes hits you last. Super interesting right? Apparently they have a Laksa cookie too, but then you must order 2 months in advance to ensure that you can get a box :/ which i will surely forget :(
Other exotic flavours include Carousel (with GREEN chocolate and some other exotic chocolates from Japan, it's a crunchy texture one), Green Tea, Lavander (which taste like those aromatheraphy oils), Mango Cranberry, Cranberry Kiwi, Melon, Madagascar (Vanilla bean) etc etc (if only all the facts will come to me like that during exams, I'll be a Dean's Lister :/)

Of course, I also tried what I bought - the Madeleine Rose Cookies. As you can tell from my previous posts, I really like rose anything from ice cream to macaroons to drinks.

The cookies are extremely fragrant, and there are no artificial flavours, preservatives or colours used. They don't use eggs or milk either, and the sugar content is LOW.

The rose Cookies are the buttery kind, and are slightly crumbly. There's lots of rose petals embedded in each cookie, and I doubt the tin will last very long...
It sounds like I'm pimping the Cookie Museum, but rest assured this is I 100% get no kickbacks from this - it's just that I've been in a hole and never tried the cookies before cos of the hefty price tag (Ranges from $32 to $45 for gold leaf ones - I shall buy them during CNY next year so that I can have a prosperous year :D).

For Mother's Day, they're giving away a free carrier box for your cookie tin. And if you buy >3 boxes you'll get a complimentary tea drink voucher.

The Cookie Museum
8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall
Singapore 039802
Tel 63331965


Anonymous said...

Yes - I tried those rose petal cookies. Indeed yummy &b not too sweet :)

claire said...

mich! next time if you go there you must try the liquor cakes!! super generous with the alcohol :D of cos it comes with a price too..

amanda wong said...

I went for F1 over the weekend and I visted the Cookie Museum too! The first cookie I tried was the Nasi Lemak flavoured cookie.

And the first thing I thought of was all the Willa Wonka Thousand Flavoured Gum!!! It was like eating Nasi Lemak! LOL!

m said...

hello claire and anon! :D

Amanda: Glad you liked the cookies - i really enjoy eating the many flavours. But the price is really steep...