Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ice Cream Chefs - Some things are better in the East...

I'm surrounded by above average ice cream cafes - such as Island Cremery, Haato (Ridgewood), Frolick, Cold Rock etc, but of course, the grass is greener (or the ice cream is cooler) over the other end of Singapore.

My trekking across half of Singapore for my ice cream fix - heck the rising petrol costs for Horlicks with Kinderbueno, my current No.1 favourite ice cream flavour. Cold rock is incomparable - probably because Ice Cream Chefs have adapted more to the local taste buds. Whoever invented Kinder Bueno is a genius - it's one of my fave chocolate snacks around, though I don't take it often.

Thanks to my less than spectacular photo taking and scooping skills, it looks like a mess of gooey half melted ice cream. The Horlicks ice cream is rather sweet, but bursting with the full flavour of hohohohorlicks. It tastes better fresh than when it's fully frozen, cos the kinder bueno hazel nut sauce is more distinct, and the outer layer of chocolate becomes hardened and sticks to your teeth.
I adopted two homeless pints - to make my trip worth it - Kaya Ice Cream with caramelised biscuits mixed in, and of course, Horlicks Ice Cream with Kinder Bueno.The Kaya Ice Cream tastes rather coconutty, with the subtle aftertaste of kaya. I would probably like it more if the kaya taste was stronger. On recommendation by the server, I had the Caramelised biscuits mixed in. I still prefer Horlicks and Kinderbueno, simply because I like horlicks and kinder bueno.

No kinder bueno will ever taste the same... Looks like i'll be stuck with buying more Horlicks Kinderbueno from Ice Crem chefs... Ice Cream Chefs
520 East Coast Road
#01-06 Ocean Park
Tel: 6446 6355

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