Saturday, May 24, 2008

Da Paolo Il Giardino

Da Paolo's weekdays set lunches are incredibly yummy and affordable. For $22++, you'll be able to get a starter, main (pasta), dessert and coffee/tea. And of course, the bread basket and olive oil.

For $30++, you can also get the fish of the day or the meat of the day. Meat of the day was tenderloin when I visited.
Parma Ham with melon and salad. There were 2 big pieces of parma ham and the melon was very very sweet. Its really easy to make this dish but I've been very lazy and still haven't gotten around to doing it.
Smoked salmon with salad. The serving of salmon was very generous, 2 slices of smoked salmon bigger than my hand dressed in olive oil and black pepper. The smoked salmon wasn't the over salty kind which leaves the throat feeling dry. I actually prefered this starter to the parma ham.My Spaghetti with seafood and tomato sauce - expect nothing less than al dente pasta, delicious fresh morsels of seafood (scallops mussels prawn and squid) in a chunky tomato sauce. Most other places would already charge you about $20 for a plate of spaghetti, but the Da Palo set lunch costs $22++ only. Pretty worth it. This is the meat of the day tenderloin, which was a juicy beef tenderloined seared to perfection. It was still pink and juicy but not too raw and bloody - perfect for a medium rare done-ness.

Chocolate brownie - the dessert was quite dissappointing - if the starters weren't so good I'd probably not recommend this lunch cos the brownies were very simple. Really nothing to shout about. It's a pity that they didn't give a nicer dessert because the starter and main were so good - I had high hopes for the dessert. There isn't any choice for dessert - it's just dessert of the day. Here's the path you'll pass through when you're walking to Da Paolo from the surface. I really like bamboo - next time if I have a garden I'll plant lots of bamboo and make the whole place look Jap! No ponds for me I hate frogs and toads!The place at Cluny is really small so do book esp for dinner.Al Fresco seating - but the weather has been so insanely hot everyone takes refuge inside.
Overall, I'll give Da Paolo il Giardino 3.5 stars for their lunch set - but do note that the $22 mains are all pasta - so don't go there if you dislike pasta. Though it's cheaper than Au Petit Salute, I still prefer APS because the desserts there are really fantastic!
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Da Paolo Il Giardino
501 Bukit Timah Rd
#01-05 Cluny Court
Singapore 259760
Tel 64639628

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