Thursday, May 22, 2008

Seoul Yummy

Seoul Yummy is a Korean restaurant located in a corner of Square 2 (Novena Square). I've been to Seoul Yummy twice before - and ate the Kimchi Tofu Soup as well as the Chicken Hotplate but I didn't blog about it (cos I was busy) and now I'm too lazy to dig out the old photos from the recesses of my computer.

Went to Seoul Yummy with my mum for dinner - and tried the dinner set ($30.99++ for 2 persons). Its $36 after the taxes. The dinner consists of a generous amount of food, and in my opinion, completely worth the 18 bucks. It also comes with a free flow of Korean Barley Tea (hot/cold).

Ban Chan (Appetiser) was some coleslaw, kimchi, ikan billis with chilli, pickled cucumbers and a piece of cold tofu. I really like the Korean side dishes and that's why I particularly like Crystal Jade Korean, cos the side dishes are free flow. For the starter, there's a choice of either Kimchi Mandoo (Steamed Kimchi with Pork Dumplings) or Cheul Pan Gamja Jeos (Hotplate potato pancake). We took the pork dumplings, which were like gyoza but with the sourish spicy taste of kimchi. There was also alot of juices inside the dumpling and the skin is tender and moist.
Next up was a noodle dish (out of 2 choices) and Bibimbab. The Dolsot Bibimbap is a hotpot of mixed rice and it comes with beef. The restaurant is very flexible with the menu and allowed us to change the beef to chicken. Eating Bibimbab stresses me alot because if you don't stir and mix the rice fast enough, it tends to burn and stick to the pot. Good for those people who enjoy eating the crispy layer out of the bottom of the claypot. The chicken is exactly like the hotplate chicken that you will get in this restaurant ($9 something ++ for a huge plate). I liked the overall taste of the Bibimbap, with the egg coating each rice grain well and all the crunchy vegetables and sesame seeds.
There are 2 choices of Myon (noodles) - either Chap Chae Bokkeum or Woo Dong Bokkeum (Woo Dong, as you can guess, is actually udon, and it's fried with seafood and beef). We got the Chap Chae Bokkeum (Fried Korean Glass Noodles with Seafood and Beef). By this time, we were pretty full - the meal is really quite big for just 2 people. The noodles were nicely done- slightly springy, not soggy, but I found it slightly too sweet for my liking.
For dessert, we got a Mini Tropical Delight Bingsu each, which consists of a refreshing light yoghurt ice cream with fresh bananas, pineapple and watermelon. Though the whole bottom part of the bowl is just plain ice, the dessert was of a good size, especially since we were so full from the meal already.
The service in Seoul Yummy is really good - with the food and drink refills served quickly. They are also very flexible with the menu, which is another plus point. I think that it's really value for money - a nice clean place to dine in and good food for $18 nett.

There's another Korean restaurant in Square 2, called Hansang (seen more Koreans there) and good food, but the service there is really crap. I'll go to Seoul Yummy anytime. Anyway, since we're on the topic of Korean food, Hehe I actually waited for a day where I'm free enough to do the pict below to publish this Seoul Yummy post!!

10 Sinaran Drive
#03-69 Square 2
Telephone: (65) 6397-6939


ian said...

WOW! your posts are simply amazing and descriptive! one of the best food blogs ever! (:

and i can't believe you know Park's relative! it is simply amazing! they really look alike! wow. i am like so totally amazed.


m said...

hello ian thanks for your v enthusiastic support I see your high on kinder bueno and horlicks ice cream :p btw doesn't tt piece of material under pok's chin look familiar...