Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yu Sai Shoku

Ya Sai Shoku is the new restaurant located where Tampopo was formally. Tampopo has moved from the basement to the ground level. We actually wanted to have the Tampopo ramen, but the bookings were full, and the walk ins were craaaazy (cos it was the long wkend).
Luckily, we found that there was a new restaurant where Tampopo used to be located. The speciality here is the Tonkatsu Ramen. There are 2 versions available - the spicy and non-spicy version - both cost $12++. The soup is milky, robust and not too salty. Like most other Japanese ramens, there's 2 little pieces of stewed pork (with lots of soft melty fat in between) and a half boiled soya egg inside. The egg was quite cooked so the yolk wasn't runny and nice. There's also a bit of bamboo shoots and spring onion (or is it leek?). The noodles were springy, chewy and of a fair sized portion. Overall, the ramen was passable - average but not really memorable. I suppose I won't mind coming back for the ramen - but only if it's along the way. This is the Kakiage -deep fried vegetables ($12.50) which is worth trying - fried to a crisp and that little piece of white paper at the bottom had minimal oil stains :D According to what I learnt from the tour guide in Japan, the little piece of white paper isn't used for absorbing all the oil - it's to see the skill of the chef - in that the tempura or whatever other deep fried stuff is properly done. The better the skill, the less the oil on the paper. I suppose that compared to all the other normal (not high class) Japanese restaurants I've been to, this must be one of the better dishes I've had.
They're having some sushi offer - where the 8 piece of sushi set costs $20 instead of the usual $28. Didn't try this dish cos it wasn't mine. but it looks pretty good.

The business that day was brisk, and the service was a bit disorganized and messy -for example, they forgot to get us water when we called for it, thought my friend who came late had ordered already etc. But they were friendly and helpful in recommending dishes, and best of all, the dishes came fairly quickly.
Michellelim Stars Rating:Yu Sai Shoku
Medi-Ya Super Market
177 River Valley Road B1-50
Liang Court Shopping Centre
Tel 63380393

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