Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nakasei Sushi Restaurant

Nakasei will probably be one of the most ex Japanese restaurants I've been to. Other than the Goodwood park Christmas experience with their very ultra bad service, and buffets like Ikoi and Minoru, I usually get my Japanese fix from Akashi, Sushi Tei and Ichiban Boshi. Sashimi usually comes from Iseatan supermarket. Anyway, this is a small restaurant located inside Holiday Inn (near Cuppage) and the menu has so much Japanese. Even their English menu has lots of Japanese words. According to our server, the restaurant is famous for it's sushi and sashimi. They also have some seasonal specials for the month of May. We were ushered into a private room which could seat 4.
Starter was deep fried tako (octopus) and some fish, and raw chopped tako mixed with wasabi. Tako has an interesting text
Sashimi - Comes in 2 sizes, matsu or take. I can't rem which one is bigger but it's either $40 or $60. From what I can remember with my puny brain, there's a prawn, chutoro, katsuo no tataki, saba and I can't remember the last fish.
Personally, I can't appreciate most sashimi which costs >$50. My tastebuds can't attain such a high caliber. Especially thinking about the bill later.They will deep fry the prawn head for you if you don't want to eat it raw.
My starter, white asparagus ($25++) with a special sauce which was slightly tangy, and with hints of sesame paste. This is my sushi platter ($40++) and it's currently the most expensive sushi platter I've ever eaten. If you get the premium plate, you'll get uni and otoro as well as Negiri Toro Maki.
Chirashi Don ($50++) which I thought was very yummy. It's nearly the same stuff as my sushi set but it has scallops and more rice. There's some sweet pickled vegetables on the rice too. Of course, the sashimi was fresh, of a good cut - not that I'll be expecting anything less for the price. Both the sets came with miso soup.

Cha soba ($18++). Hmm actually I don't know why cha soba is so ex outside - is it because they use a better quality noodles, or are you just paying a premium for it? The real grated wasabi - taste is milder than the powder kind and doesn't shoot up your nose.
Dessert was lychee sorbet which was included in the extra $10 they charged per person (for starter and dessert anbd maybe green tea). If you don't think too much about the heart stopping prices (I couldn't) and just concentrated on the food I'll give it 4/5. But price wise, I don't think I'll be returning anytime soon - not in the near, middle or distant future. Nakasei Sushi Restaurant
11 Cavenagh Road #01-13/16
Holiday Inn Park View
Singapore 229616
Writing this post, I just remembered Ichigo which I really liked! I shall go there soon :D

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ladyironchef said...

woo.. price looks really on the high side yeah? total bill how much? u all ordered quite a lot though. hahaha