Thursday, May 15, 2008

Privé - Keppel Island

Thanks to Annalisa & sister for finding this unique dining place :) So there was a 2hr we scuttled off intending intending to eat crabmeat pasta but it was sadly 'shuttered down' :( drove arnd for a while before deciding to go to Privé. The 1st time I went to Keppel Island, I ate at the very uninspiring tcc.The place is flooded on weekends (by people of course), and it feels very resort-ish and unSingapore-like.

They have a bread corner, with lots of interesting stuff like the Banana walnut bread ($7.90 for a loaf, which I shall buy back next time when I'm not rushing), whole loaves of foccacia, sourdough, whole wheat bread etc. They only sell it in full loaves though. If you order a bread, they will toast it in the oven at 180 C for you to make your loaf happily crispy and warm. And they serve it with unsalted butter. The sourdough bread ($7.90++) we tried was deliciously crispy, soft and fresh and tasted delicious slathered in butter.

Soups - Mushroom Soup, which was deliciously creamy and packed with mushrooms, Smoked Bacon and Asparagus which yummy salty bits of bacon, sprinkled with chives. Smoked Duck Salad (can't remember the price) came with a measly few pieces of ducks breast, dressed in a vinegrette dressing. But it's not outrageously expensive for the quantity of duck.
This is my Blue Crab and Prawn Wrap ($11++) which was absolutely delicious! The sweetness of the crab, freshness of the prawn mixed in a yummy cream sauce, crunchy onions punctuating every few bites. It's also sprinkled sparingly with chilli flakes, which gives the wrap a punch.
However, i thought that the ends of the wrap could be a tad thinner as it tasted too floury at the ends.Smoked Salmon Wrap, with some kind of fruit (apple?) chutney. Didnt really like this cos I felt that the spiced chutney didn't really go with the smoked salmon. Plus, the wrap was drippingly wet and soggy, probably from the chutney.Chicken and Mushroom Bechemel Pie ($9++), with buttery puff pastry baked over chicken morsels and mushrooms. There were also little bits of carrot. I conldnt really taste or see the bechemel - but the chicken bits were soft and tasty. Was pretty stuffed from the bread by then.Bailey's Milkshake ($11++), with the sweetness of the baileys and lots and lots of cream. Its pretty ok for alcoholic milkshake I suppose, but I'm not a fan. Maybe I should try the peanut butter one next time :D Dessert Conter in Privé, which we were unfortunate enough not to try cos we were really rushing for time. I'm going to try the Caribbean Panna Cotta, Chocolate cakes and Tiramisu next time! They really look yummy.

The service was quite slow, and our food seemed to take forever to come out (but we were rushing and I didnt time it, so it might just be psychogenic). However, we did note that the bread freshly warmed from the oven, was sitting on the counter for quite a while before it was taken to our table. Privé wasn't particularly crowded - it being a weekday and rainy, and they didn't seem short of staff either. Shots of the area near Privé - yacts of the rich and famous! It was rainy and cloudy that day, so the sky wasn't brilliant blue :(Dark Skies... Privé is located behind that teardrop shaped structure.
En Route to Privé - looks like a resort right? Bridge to Privé
No. 2 Kepple Bay
Singapore 098382
(Kepple Island)
Tel: 67760777

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f|sh said...

ya the bakery was slow. but got scared and didn't rush them >2x in case the chef got angry and spit into my food :p

and the chocolate cake was SUPER SUPER RICH. i couldnt finish it myself (which is very very rare)

fatpig said...

Did you eat at the prive bakery? Cause I don't remember the restaurant serving sandwiches =)