Sunday, May 4, 2008

Galbiati - Part II - The Takeaway

This is part II from the Dinner, cos we were too stuffed to eat anymore, and takeaway prices are cheaper than dine in (and there's no service charge too!).This is Galbiati's 'Baked Salmon' which is also known as salmon en croute (as I found on the internet). It's salmon and spinached wrapped in a pastry, and it's really tasty. The salmon is really solid and thick. It's a huge piece - I suppose it justifies it's $13.90 price tag (it's sold per 100g, i think it's around $8 for every 100g).

The spinach is soft and moist, and has the most flavour (compared to the salmon and the pastry).

The pastry is the buttery thick kind (which I like), not the flaky kind. It's brushed with lots of egg white and has a flaky golden brown top layer.Though my takeaway presentation looks less than spectacular, I assure you that it's absolutely delicious - I decided to eat 1/3rd, and later ate another 1/3rd, and after seeing such a sorry small piece left in the huge takeaway container, I decided to eat up the last 1/3rd.

400 Upper Bukit Timah Rd,
The Rail Mall
Tel: 6462 0926

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Anonymous said...

It looks delcious from the way u ate through it 1/3 at a time :)