Friday, May 16, 2008

Gourmet Plus

Gourmet Plus was highly recommended by my East-side friends, but I didn't try it for a long time cos it's far far far away. It's a small restaurant located in the quite Frankel Avenue (which very happily has free parking). They had just changed the menu when I went - so I had the privilege of trying out their very new menu - I think it was a few days old then (quite long ago, I'm backlogging over 12 posts =\).The were having a UOB promotion - 1for1 Foie Gras with any 2 main courses ordered. Of course, since one place usually costs $24 ++, we couldn't let go of the chance to try something that we won't usually order (due to budget constraints). The Foie Gras is the cold kind, and comes with gelatine bits on top. I enjoyed my foie gras, but I actually prefer it when it's warm - but this was a good sized slab considering how little we're paying for it:DAnyway, I shall just go direct to the point (supposed to go out later so I must faster faster blog this). The bestest dish there (that I ate, out of 3 dishes) was the duck confeit ($22 - or was it $24). The outer layer was a brittle crispy shell which was lightly salted, and there was a artery-clogging huge layer of fats which melted in my mouth. The meat was delightfully soft, and fell off easily from the bone. The meat was chunky and the sauce wasn't too salty and didn't overpower the duck taste.
My $24 has been well spent!

This is the first time I'm trying squid Ink Pasta (super sua ku) ($18++), and I must say that though it doesn't disagree with me, I won't be dying to have it, unlike Valentino's Pink Sauce Pasta. It's very black, has a slightly gritty texture and the squid ink tastes slightly briney and well, doesn't really taste like anything actually... The clams were tender and plump, and quite juicy too.Lamb shank ($24++) full of meat, robust sauce with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Honestly, I can't remember much about the lamb cos the duck was so lip-smackingly good. But it's really meaty and filling.

Overall, the service is prompt and efficient, and the waiters know the menu. The iced water was also regularly topped up, and the whole dining experience was very good and not too harsh on the wallet.
Michellelim star rating (for duck confit!): A whopping 4 star yum!

117 Frankel Avenue
Frankel Estate
Tel: 6441 1120


Guess Who said...

you ate something with orange in it.
*clap clap clap*
hahaha :P

m said...

guess who: of course I didn't! It's just garnishing - i ate everything else tho

Xin Quan said...

you didn't give it any star ratings! haha..

and what do u mean by east staying friends? tsktsk!

m said...

xq: given alr - duck confit is my fave dish v yummy! faster go and find more east side places to go to!