Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gurkha Palace Restaurant

After the very nice lunch experience I had with my cg, I decided to bring my another group of friends to try Gurkha Palace Restaurant. Unfortunately, the night we went the airconditioning was spoilt (I seem to be very unlucky with the airconditioning - I just went to Frensh and the airconditioning was spoilt too!). It was really very stuffy and pretty unberable inside the restaurant, especially since it was really crowded that night owing to big group of diners (about 15 of them?). Lamb Kebab - which was slightly dry but tasty cos of the marinade. I think this costs either $8 or $12.From Top: Butter Chicken, Mushroom, Fish in Coconut Sauce
The Butter chicken was the hot favourite - and was finished really quick, and the naan was used to mop up any remnants of the delicious sauce. The sauce was creamy, tangy and didn't dissappoint - and best of all it came with an incredibly reasonable price tag (can't rem the exact price but it's less than or $10).
The Mushroom vegetable dish was pretty spicy but was chokeful of mushrooms, and like all Indian food, packed with an explosion of spices.

The Fish with coconut sauce was the slowest to be finished up, perhaps because the fish pieces were very chunky and tough. The sauce was thick and flavourful, but the butterchicken sauce beat it hands down in terms of taste and flavour.

Like most Indian foods, the curries and sauces were really heavy, and most people were stuffed with just one naan each.Okay, so I was raving about the delicious homemade icecream I had here previously, and managed to persuade about 3 other people to have this absolutely delicious ice cream. But when it came, it completely didn't look anything like the delicious molten condense-milk with grounded nuts topping I had. Instead, it was huge rectangular chunks of ice cream topped on commercial chocolate ice cream (tastes like the normal magnolia/marigold kind you get in NTUC). Such a dissppointment.
The ice cream is called Himali Ice cream and costs $3.50 per portion.
The service was pretty slow that day - probably becuase the kitchen was overtaxed by that huge group of people and the aircon was SPOILT. They didn't have portable fan either. Other than these hitchups, I managed to use my NETS (and my 15% discount) unlike the other time... The food here's really good for the price and I will be sure to bring more people back.

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