Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Arinco King - The King of all Swiss Rolls

I went to Ion cos my mum wanted to bring my grandmother to see the newest most happenning shopping center in town, so naturally, I ended up eating lots of snacks from the basement foodcourt. We had the sand cakes from Arinco in both flavours available - chocolate and caramel. The cake base is essentially the same as their vanilla roll cake base, just that it's heaped with whipped cream, almonds and sauce. For the chocolate Sand cake, the whipped cream has a bit of coco added, but it doesn't really taste very chocolatey.
The Salted Caramel Roll was sold out (again!), and I was too impatient to come back another day to get it, so I decided to get both the vanilla and matcha (green tea) roll.
These swiss rolls are the mother of all swiss rolls. You know those normal swiss rolls filled with a thin layer of cream (which doesn't even need to be kept chilled)? They can't be compared to these. The cake base is insanely soft, fluffy and light (especially the vanilla one), and it's filled with a thick layer of whipped fresh cream. I really can't imagine how the Caramel one will taste like! The cake base tastes like an incredibly light sponge cake, very moist and fluffy. The matcha one had a slight tinge of bitterness from the green tea, and is a bit denser than the vanilla cake.
According to the guy who was manning the counter, these swiss rolls are flown directly from Japan, and their small factory can't make any more salted caramel rolls so that's why they only have a limited supply of them. (I personally think they should just concentrate on making Salted Caramel Rolls and forget about the Vanilla and Green tea rolls, since the Caramel rolls are perpetually sold out). This is their only branch outside of Japan.
Actually, after eating one slice each of the swiss rolls, I'm feeling a bit sick from all that cream. I wonder if my arteries are getting clogged right now as I'm blogging this. I'm going to eat dimsum buffet tmr for lunch! *Die!*
Side note: My grandmother wanted to try the chicken from the chicken rice stall at Food Opera (the food court with local dishes). She wanted to eat 2 chicken thighs (I think she probably read somewhere that the chicken rice is good? Cos we walked around nearly the whole food court till she found the chicken rice stall, and then she just stopped and said she wanted to eat chicken) so I went to buy it and nearly got a heart attack when I saw that each chicken thich costs $4.80 o_O Didn't know that chicken thighs were so expensive!! Luckily I had enough cash or it would have be very embarrassing!
Arinco King
2 Orchard Turn
Ion Orchard Food Hall


red fir said...

The cream is good stuff! I can eat loads and not get sick of it. It's unlike any fresh cream I've eaten.

Sha said...

I tried the caramel sand too.. it was yummy!! the other day when i went there was this lady who bought like 10 boxes? of the salted caramel roll! And i overheard her ordering more for the next day!! it must be THAT good!!! =) the chicken thighs part was so hilarious! cheers!