Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Irodori Japanese Buffet

I really like eating Jap buffets cos I don't have to worry about the bill when I order my tons and tons of sashimi! I'm never satisfied whenever I have to eat off a plate of *only* 3 pieces of each sashimi. Plus, every piece of sashimi is around $1 plus! Super unworth it since I have a nearly insatiable appetite for sashimi. Irodori Maki, which is filled with shredded crab (I think?) and mayonnaise. Starters - some funny mushy broad bean, edamame, Half a Salmon head (1x order only), Cheese grilled prawns (1x order only), Green Tea Tofu

I really like dhte cheese grilled prawns, I think there was also some miso paste inside, so it was salty and cheesy. The green tea tofu reminds me of the green tea tofu you can buy from NTUC, dressed in ponzu sauce.
Sashimi - Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail and Swordfish.
Very few Japanese restaurants serve swordfish sashimi, probably cos it's more expensive? I ate lots and lots of swordfish and salmon :)
All the sashimi were fresh, with the exception of the snapper. Then again, snapper isn't my favourite fish, so I jus ate lots of swordfish, salmon, yellowtail and tuna!
More sashimi, Cocktail sausage with bacon, Spider Handroll (soft shell crab), Tofu salad and Teriyaki SalmonGrilled Shishamo (pregnant fish), Kakiage (mixed vegetable tempura, in the background), Yakitori (chicken skewers), Chawanmushi (Steamed egg) and Miso soupPrawn Tempura, Tempura vegetables (Sweet potato and Pumpkin), Cocktail Sausage (again) and stir fried eggplant.

Japanese Teapot Soup, Sake Cha Zuke (Green tea with rice), Green Tea ice cream with red bean ($6 something, not included in the buffet price)

**EDIT*** Its $38 nett per person not $32 nett****
It was around $32 nett per person - lots of variety, efficient service, fresh sashimi (other than the snapper) and delicious sushi and cooked food.

One of the good things about Irodori is that you don't have to order a minimum number of pieces. For most restaurants, you have to order a minimum or 2 or 6 pieces of maki mono (handroll), but at Irodori, you can order just one piece.

The only thing that's not included is desesrt, but if you bring your previous receipt, you will be able to get free dessert the next time you come for the buffet.

Irodori Japanese Restaurant
382 Havelock Road
#03-01 Riverview Hotel
Tel: 6737 2002
Please make a dinner reservation, especially for Fridays and weekends. I was being blur and forgot to make it (even though I said I would) but luckily for me, they still had counter seats, or I'd have been killed by 4 other very hungry people! *heng*


Cavalock said...

been a long time since i ate there. nice to know the food is still as good.

m said...

Hello cavalock! The food's really I'm going back this wk (again!)cos I have a voucher:)

Unknown said...

I hate you, I hate this blog..ok I hate the fact that you have such yummy food and sushi and I am in a landlocked country (Hungary) where there is none. The food here is good but its all fried and there is very little variety, the Chinese food would make you weep it is so bad.

m said...

Liam: Hello! Nice to hear from you! Yup I agree the fish from landlock countries look majorly unappetising (especially in the market). Btw Budapest is really pretty - I visited it around 4 yrs ago. I like the chimney cake lots! Ate it in Budapest when I was there, but it's quite popular here - sold mostly at food fairs :)