Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kim's Family Food

Went to Kim's Family Food, this Korean restaurant located at Upper Bukit Timah Road after hearing about how Julie went there 3x in a short period of time.
Lots and lots of complimentary appetisers (with free refills!). Kimchi, potato salad (which I liked and ate lots), fresh lettuce with chilli sauce, boiled and season leafy vegetables, sweetened ikan billis, stewed potatoes, beansprouts, pancake and some preserved vegetable thing.

I particularly liked the kimchi which wasn't too spicy, potato salad cos it's creamy and has crunchy apples and sweet canned peaches, beansprouts (I like how the Korean bean sprouts are from soya beans instead of the green beans), and pancake with chives (shouldn't have ordered my seafood pancake!).
For dinner (not too sure about lunch), they gave each diner a piece of salted steamed fish marinaded in a salty chilii sauce. All FOC. Impressive! (This, very understandably, isn't refillable).
Seafood pancake ($10), which I wouldn't have ordered if I had known that they'l be serving vegetable pancake as a starter. It's pretty packed with ingredients, and has a starchy feel to it (a bit like the ohr luak omelette). Its served with a slightly pungent fish sauce (I think).Jajangmyeon($10) the Korean version of Zha Jiang Mian. The sauce is tarry black, and served over steaming hot noodles. The noodles are pretty good - chewy and springy, but there was hardly any pork in the sauce. There were lots of potatoes though, which made it a super carbo but protein lacking meal. Bibimbap ($12?)
Rice with vegetables and meat served in a hot stone bowl. I changed the beef to chicken, and asked for the red sauce to be separated (cos I don't like it too salty). It has lots and lots of veggies, not bad but I was really full after eating the other dishes.
Cinnamon and ginger dessert drink, and a slice of watermelon completes a very affordable and filling meal.
The next time I'm here, I'll definitely order something with more meat in it. Though I like my veggies, I thought that there was way too much veggies and too little meat in my meal. Perhaps I'll have the hot plate chicken the next time.

I really love the side dishes (grand total of 9 refillable dishes!) as well as the fish, and all of them are complimentary - value for money indeed. Though their main dishes aren't too expensive (prices around $10-15 ), I think that they lower their cost by giving less meat. However, I think it's still really good value for money since there's drinks, side dishes and dessert thrown in.
Though the restaurant was packed (had to queue for a table during dinnertime), the staff are pretty efficient and we got our food suprisingly quickly. I think part of their efficiency is also due to their clever idea of giving diners a tumbler of barley tea at the table, so that the waitresses can concentrate on taking orders, serving food and clearing dishes instead of being harrassed to refill the glasses.
Looks like this restaurant is set for success! And if the healthy watermelon isn't enough for dessert, one can always pop by Udders (which is just2 stalls away)
Kim's Family Food
17 Lorong Kilat
#01-06 Kilat Court
Singapore 598139
Tel: 6465 0535

Keropokman also likes this restaurant!
My last day of freedom before I go to the far east to become a slave for 4 weeks :/NOT looking fw to the food there!!


Kaelyn said...

Wow, the side dishes looked so nice! Haha I always feel full after having Korean food, not so much from the main dishes but from the sides cuz they are usually so tasty! =)

Justin D. Pereira said...

Yeah, this was also recommended by my friend who lives in the area. Wooo...I wanna go eat there!


Anonymous said...

o: Jajangmyun is not 10$ off
>.< In korea Jajangmyun is the cheapest thing on the menu, if i remember correctly its like 5,000 won or about 5$ more or less >.<

m said...

sides are the highlight of my korean meals! esp if they're free flow...
anon: we're in sgp unfortunately... wanton mee is $2.50