Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cafe Hacienda

My blog's sorely lacking in updates, but it's cos I'm really busy with school. The closer I come to graduating, the more I don't feel like working! Anyway, I better not say this so much or not I'll jinx myself into doing a re!!!!:OCafe Hacienda is a really nice chill-out place to spend a lazy weekend afternoon. It was nice and empty (only 2 other tables filled) when we visited it on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I'm pretty amazed to say that I've found somewhere which has reasonably priced food in Dempsey (which was synonymous in my food directory as exorbitantly priced food with average taste).Their eggs Benedict is $13++ for 2 poached eggs, a deliciously creamy and cheese filled hollandaise sauce with black forest ham (the cooked version) over a soft English muffin. Tastes great - really beats my Choupinette brunch (freaking $22++ for the same thing, which doesn't even taste half as good). My dessert, the Sticky Date Pudding ($10++) is comparable to Marmalade Pantry's, just that it's marginally less sticky (for the price, the free parking and the convenience, I'll come here anytime over Marmalade Pantry at Ion! Actually, I'm pretty sure that the ambiance here will be much nicer than Ion's, since there's throngs and throngs of people at Ion.
). It's rather buttery, and though it's not as sticky, it's as sweet and will definitely give you the same post-prandial glucose rush. It's doused in a thick butterscotch sauce, and served with a scoop of Vanilla bean ice cream. The pecans add a nice crunchy touch to the dessert.

Chocolate tart - which is super heavy and for hard core chocolate lovers only! The chocolate is very rich, and the shortcrust pastry tart is really buttery. I'll recommend that you share this dessert if you're eating it, unless you're a major chocolate lover.
Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake ($11++)
Cafe Hacienda serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic milkshakes. Interesting choices are the Bailey's Irish Cream with Hersheys Chocolate sauce as well as Kahlua and Cream ($15++ each). The Peanut butter and Jelly Milkshake comes in a tall heavy glass, and is extremely thick (very difficult to suck it up using the straw). I'm wondering if the caloric load will be comparable (if not more) than Ensure, since it tastes much better than Ensure milk.
Cafe Hacienda is also run by the same people who opened Prive - apparently the Sticky Date Pudding is available at Prive (not too sure if it's the bakery or the restaurant). I can't wait for my posting to end - the first day I'm free I shall vegetate at some nice relaxing place!!

Service was friendly and efficient - they topped up our water glasses regularly, and when the staff noticed that I spilt a bit of the milkshake (while stealing some from my friend), they instantly brought over a few more napkins for me to use:)
Cafe Hacienda also serves 'proper' food (western stuff like pastas, burgers, salads etc), but the all day breakfast looks more tempting. Saw their waiter carrying out the buttermilk waffles with Ice cream (looks like a good sized portion) but it was sold out by the time we ordered it.
I'll definitely be back again - to have the eggs Benedict (didn't order this cos I was going for dinner later and trying to save stomach space), more of the sticky date pudding and the peanut butter jelly shake!
Cafe Hacienda
Blk 13 Dempsey Road
Tel: +65 6476 2922


SistaFood said...

omg. We wanted to go there! the poached eggs and chocolate tart look very attractive indeed!
Can't wait to go there soon!

Elaine Ng. said...

visited hacienda recently too... their desserts looked 90% similar to Prive's but they've got a really good Yuzu cheesecake that's super light & delish (: