Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bye Bye MacDonalds at King Albert Park

20+yo photo at KAP
So the Macdonalds at King Albert Park is going to close really soon. My sis dug out this incredibly old photo with the same Hamburglar statue! I used to love the dimly lit 2 storey playground there with their ball pits (which now I think are really unhygienic - thankfully we never had hand foot mouth outbreaks when I was younger).

I used to go there nearly every week (bet my arteries are all atherosclerotic) after school to have lunch and hangout in air-con comfort. My favourite burger used to be the cheeseburger, and when I stopped eating beef it became the MacChicken burger. Plus we used to be so lazy and always take the bus cos we didn't want to walk the 1 bus stop distance. By the time I reached JC, I never really wanted to eat Macdonalds whenever we went out cos I definitely had too much of it.

Though I rarely go to Macdonalds now, I still like the hotcakes and consider them to be my favourite pancake, even with the maple (flavoured) syrup.

I'm going to miss the 24h Cold Storage even more than the Macdonalds, since thats's where I usually go to buy random food items (especially since the parking is free for the first hour). The Cold Storage at Jelita has a tiny carpark, the one at Holland V has a perpetually crowded carpark, and the one at Guthrie house is really small.

Go visit KAP before it closes on 16th March 2359h

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Bern said...

I used to hang out at KAP ALL the time after sch too! got a million photos with all my girlfriends at the same spot too..hahaa, oh how time has passed us by!