Monday, March 24, 2014

Rose Veranda,Shangrila

 Happy high tea at the Rose Veranda - love their sandwiches but they don't have the quintessentially English plain cucumber sandwiches which I adore. No problem cos they have lots of other choices to keep me entertained, along with a sushi/sashimi station.
 The very out of place highly processed crab claw and more sandwiches.
The laksa was not bad - with a very thick gravy and lots of dried prawns. Added lots of crystal prawns, laksa leaf and fish cake.

I really liked the selection of cheeses (but can't beat St Regis) and I ate so much that I felt full till tea time the next day. My digestive system is growing old.

Rose Veranda
Shangri La
Tel 62134486


Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow said...

I think they had cucumber sandwiches when I was there. heh.

GNineThree said...

Been meaning to try the Rose Veranda. The place looks pretty but wasnt sure if the food measured up. That laksa does look quite scrumptious though! :D