Monday, March 17, 2014

Uma Uma Ramen

 Outdated post but Uma Uma ramen is still my favourite dry ramen! Saw this in the Lifestyle section in January and couldn't resist going down to try.
 It was Feb so they were having a special Valentines day drinks menu
 Which consisted of appropriately named and decorated drinks
 The obligatory tamago and karaage
 Daikon salad - Uma Uma ramen does one of the most refreshing daikon salads ever! And their bite sized gyoza
 The beef tongue that everyone can't seem to get enough of
 Another appropriately named drink
 The 'Lou Hei' Ramen, which we very unashamedly asked for more chopsticks and then proceeded to do our Lou Hei in the middle of the very quiet bar...
The very delicious dry ramen that I cannot seem to get enough of. With the wobbly half boiled egg, chill oil, char siew with melting fats. Lip smackingly good. 
Uma uma Ramen
01-41 Forum the Shopping Mall
Tel 62350855

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