Thursday, May 3, 2007

Astons Specialities

Went to Astons at Katong on Labour Day. Highly recommended by Annalisa and the ieatishootipost ( It was opposite Katong Mall, and since it was Labour Day, we decided to have dinner early - at 530pm to beat the dinner crowd (which was really really long).

Astons is a restaurant that serves western food and has 'Quality and Value for Money'. It has a restaurant style service, and a mid-class restaurant ambience (less noisy and cramped compared to Crystal Jade too) with quick and efficient service.

The food prices are one of the best around - $5.90 for a chicken chop, about $12 for the cheapest steak (and a good size for the price too). The menu prices is the price that you pay - there aren't any hidden costs anywhere which will set you back quite a bit.

Tried the Cream of Mushroom Soup ($2.50) which had a good amount of mushroom, nice and creamy, and not too watery or lumpy. It comes with 2 slices of garlic bread which is lightly toasted and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They were warm when served too, and not burnt either.The mains include Steak (speciality here - most people come here to eat steak), chicken chop, fish, lamb chop, honey pork ribs etc. The main courses come with 2 side dishes, which you can select - Hot side dishes include Mashed Potato, Baked Potato with butter, Baked Beans, Corn Cob, french fries etc. Cold side dishes are garden salad, coleslaw, pasta salad etc

I tried the double chicken chop - which essentially is like a normal chicken chop - just that they give you 2 pieces of chicken (quite big) thigh (boneless too). You can choose different flavours for the 2 pieces of chicken. There is normal grilled chicken, teriyaki, black pepper, hickory sauce (bbq) etc. A sincle chicken chop costs a mere $5.60 and a double chicken chop costs $9.90.

I tried the black pepper and hickory chicken chops. The black pepper sauce was just the right consistency, not to watery but not lumpy or too thick either. I really enjoyed the hickory chicken chop - it tastes like bbq sauce, but is more tangy. The chicken steaks were juicy and cooked just right - very satisfying.

The coleslaw was very good -the vegetables were crisp and fresh and the dressing was very tasty.

They have lots of beef - the normal sirloin, ribeyes, all the way to wagyu beef ($38??) for people who are feeling indulgent.
Steak (duno what cut though)
Rib eye steak
Another steak (don't know the cut either :( )

Yilin is eating her steak happily

The service was very good, especially for the price you are paying - and no service charge either! GST is also included in the prices - and no hidden cost for irritating things like bread (or peanuts for a chinese restaurant equivalent) or wet towels (not provided, but won't you rather save your like 30 cents before gst and service charge?)They don't serve water, but then plain water is charged at 30 cents, and the drinks are at a very reasonable price - $1.20 for soft drinks, $1.80 for iced lemon tea, $2.20 for a bottle of snapple. This is very unlike other money grabbing restaurants which overcharge - $5 for a 500ml of evian, and that is before gst and service charge too.

The very low prices did not compromise the service either.
The waiter serving us was very efficient, and even though we were sitting at the corner table we weren't ignored. In fact, he checked on our table periodically to see if we needed anything. THe service was warm and friendly, and the waiters were helpful. While ordering, the cashier explained what the different sauces tasted like, and took the initiative the recommend the popular dishes.

Overall, the dining experience was very pleasant, and for the price that you are paying, you're getting a really good deal. Really no compromise on quality, quantity or service. If I lived in the east, which i unfortunately do not, i would surely go back often. But since i don't, I will STILL go back. However, do be prepared to que if you go during the peak dinner times - the dining area is quite small and they do not take phone reservations.

Astons Specialities (Opposite Katong Mall)
119 East Coast Rd Singapore 428806

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